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Teachers have the power to change society

Teachers and parents play the most important roles in every person’s life. Both give good guidance by identifying right and wrong according to their experience, hoping for a bright future for the children.

The teacher has a significant impact on our lives. He serves as a guide, coach, demonstrator and facilitator. An excellent teacher helps us to become decent members of society and good citizens. Teachers understand that pupils are the country’s future. So, teachers hold the key to a country’s progress.

What we become in life is determined by our instructors. Teachers instill facts and knowledge in pupils’ minds for them to examine. The most essential thing we learn from instructors is how to analyses a situation and determine what is feasible. Teachers’ ought to be appreciated more as they are the most important individuals. Teachers have an impact on every sphere of life: Business, politics and society.

A teacher is someone who is a good guide and inspiration, the purpose of which is only to make the people of the world good citizens. A good teacher is one who guides the students well and inculcates moral qualities and friendly behaviour in them. The student can then be given proper guidance.

Friendly manner

It has been my experience, as well as other teachers’, that if we treat students in a friendly manner, their confidence increases. Many students share their subject-related difficulties with the teacher without fear. Such behaviour becomes a reason to know many hidden and unsaid things within the students and their trust and faith in their teacher.

A major responsibility of building the personality of the student lies on the shoulders of the teacher. A well-rounded teacher does not limit himself to just the subject but does everything for the holistic development of his student. He also empowers the student to face the challenges of life.

But people are changing, and their thinking and ideals are more anti-natural. In the eyes of the rest of the world, a teacher is simply a teacher. Politicians give a speech on Teachers’ Day and then forget about it. People write a few posts about the teacher on social media and then forget about them. People forget more than they are taught.

Reward for teachers

Teachers’ Day is observed by schools and students to recognise and appreciate the huge contribution of teachers. This is great if students follow their teachers’ instructions. The true reward for teachers is when their pupils grow up to be nice people who are successful in their careers and businesses.

However, schools are increasingly becoming businesses, with an emphasis on increasing revenues. They are providing scientific and sophisticated instruction to youngsters while disregarding their role in society. Students are unmotivated to attend school just because they are not given an atmosphere in which they are comfortable attending on a daily basis to express their views.

Surjit Singh Flora is a veteran journalist and freelance writer based in Brampton Canada

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