Rachel Shmidman

Team Work

Here’s a lesson in dedication: One month before the World Championship, Sarit Bailey – our veteran defensive corner back, underwent knee surgery. Having suffered a torn miniscus, the best possibility for her to play in one month was to take her chance with surgery. Bailey has been committed to the team for nine years. The thought of sitting out and not helping her team on the biggest stage flag football has to offer was simply not an option. So she rolled the dice. She put the needs of the team above her own personal concerns. With intense physical therapy, Bailey is certain she will be ready to go come kick off time. Nine years of dedication will do that.

But Bailey is just a microcosm of our team. The level of commitment and dedication our players exhibit is unparalleled. Pass by Kraft stadium on any given Sunday, and you will see our team hard at work.  That’s our official practice time, but the truth is, the time our players invest in improving their game extends well beyond those hours on Sunday. On any other given day of the week, you can catch our girls out on the field or in the gym, working to gain that extra edge.

Just ask Jessica Sagoskin, our stand out veteran wide receiver. After putting in a full day of work, Jessie will return sometimes eight o’clock at night, change her clothes and head to the gym.But just like Bailey, this level of dedication is obvious to Jessie.

Turning in her best performance is an obligation she has to her teammates. And Jessie knows in order to do that, there are no short cuts. There are no free rides. Its just hard work.

A few years ago, our team had t-shirts made to inspire, motivate, and push one another. On the front we defined ‘FIGHT’:

1. To contend and compete with great will

2. To put forth a determined effort

3. To push oneself continuously and vigorously to attain victory.

On the back, we printed Go Hard or Go Home….

Our girls are fighting, and no one has any intention of going home.

Written by: Elissa Sagoskin Behar