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Tech Leaders: Andra Rubinstein, renovai

Andra Rubinstein, Photo: Ran Yehezkel
Andra Rubinstein, Photo: Ran Yehezkel

Welcome to my Tech Leaders Interview Series, where I interview impactful leaders and ask them to share tips and techniques that have benefited them, both in their personal and professional lives. 

This interview is with Andra Rubinstein, VP Marketing at renovai

About Andra: 

Andra started her professional career at the IDF radio station, serving as a producer and news editor. She has extensive experience in product marketing, specializing in e-commerce and retail-tech story-telling from leading companies. At renovai, she is in charge of creating brand awareness while driving the strategic GTM for segment growth, serving as the bridge from Marketing to R&D and on to Product Management. 

What are your main productivity tips? 

In this specific role, I have a lot of responsibilities – everything from branding to product marketing through acquisition activities, so I really need to prioritize. I plan the following week each Thursday, closing dedicated slots of time based on my own priorities, aligned with the company’s weekly goals. 

It’s really easy to get caught up in the day-to-day work, so I make sure to also listen to at least one podcast, participate in a webinar, read an industry-related article and get some work done on quarterly projects. We’re in the business of inspiring experiences, so as long as I find moments of inspiration, I remain productive. 

What is your favorite drink?  

If it’s to get the day started, then a strong coffee with a touch of oatmeal milk. When I go out, I usually drink a cocktail. An all-time favorite is a frozen margarita. 

How do you deal with stress and anxiety? 

Startup life is a rollercoaster, and stress comes with the territory. I try to work out three times a week to stay healthy and sane, and I am lucky to be surrounded by great colleagues, family, and friends that keep me grounded and don’t let my stress levels soar.   

Your tips for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Take a leap of faith. 

Joining a pre-seed startup was a decision I probably wouldn’t have made prior to Covid, but it forced me to go with my gut, and I never looked back. Nothing will happen if you just sit and wait – start rolling the ball, and things will follow. 

Who in the Tech industry would you like to meet for lunch? 

I’m more of a morning coffee or dinner kind of person. It’s hard to choose just one, but I’m sure I can have a fruitful conversation with anyone related to product marketing and brand building, and always interested in hearing the stories of aspiring entrepreneurs that created mega-companies. 

If you could live anywhere, where would it be? 

We used to move quite a lot when I was growing up, and it took me a lot of time to feel rooted. I really want that rooted feeling for my children, the sense of community. I love living in Tel Aviv. 

I definitely see myself traveling around the world, but I can’t imagine living anywhere else at this point.

What is your favorite book recommendation? 

“Start with Why” by Simon Sinek had a major impact on how I analyze and present things. 

“When Coffee and Kale Compete” by Alan Klement is really great both professionally and also on a personal growth level, learning from the experience of others in Tech – the guide book to do’s and don’ts in a way. 

Why are you in Tech? 

Technology inspires and drives the way the world functions. I love the ever-changing nature of this industry. I never get bored – it’s like you learn so much every day, but there is always so much to learn.

And obviously, the immediate impact on the company you work for and for everyone that uses the solutions you create and promote. Creating significant change is one of the most rewarding things you can have in a career. 

About renovai

renovai is the company behind the world’s first AI-based interior designer. With the vision of creating inspiring and engaging online interactions, the company developed a complete suite of AI Design solutions addressing all visual commerce needs.

Powered by decades of design knowledge and best practices, renovai integrates with leading retailers, giving them a competitive edge by providing real-time realistic product display options and hyper-personalized journeys, significantly increasing conversion and average order value.

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