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Tech Leaders: Ben Samocha, Founder, CryptoJungle

Source: Ben Samocha, approved to use
Welcome to my Tech Leaders Interview Series, where I interview impactful leaders and ask them to share tips and techniques that have benefited them, both in their personal and professional lives.
This interview is with Ben Samocha, Founder of
About Ben: 

Ben Samocha is a cryptocurrency entrepreneur, investor, and influencer. He is the founder of, of CryptoTalks Israel, and has co-founded Blockchain B7, a non-profit organization operating in the south of Israel to encourage crypto adoption. He is also a lecturer at Ben Gurion University and in corporates and government agencies. 

What are your main productivity tips? 

I am most productive when I plan ahead. Writing the plan down and breaking it into small tasks makes it easier to follow and potentially attribute some to employees/partners. It is then important to prioritize the small tasks while taking two main factors into the calculation: urgency and estimated time to completion. Start with the urgent ones that take the least time, and proceed onwards.


Additionally, I personally believe in acquiring knowledge in every spare time, from sources that are important and relevant to what I do. Whether I’m washing dishes, driving the car, or chilling at the beach – it makes my content creation process much easier. Recording notes is also important but to be honest I fail at doing so.

What is your favorite drink?

Argentinian and South African wines! Working as a bartender in a chef’s restaurant for several years I found myself enjoying them the most.

Your tips for aspiring entrepreneurs? 

  1. Study money, how it works, and what is the impact of financial incentives on decision-making. I believe that understanding this will help you make much better calls as you will have a clearer view of how people make decisions.
  2. Study Poker. While perceived as a game of chance and of reckless gambling, the theory of Poker is potentially the best lesson I’ve learned in my life. As a game that is played in constant uncertainty (as you’re only exposed to the communal cards and to the cards you hold), it teaches you how to gather information from multiple sources simultaneously and to analyze it quickly. It also teaches you how to manage risk, how to prepare in advance, and much more. Poker is taught in the top business management schools in the world.
  3. Believe in what you do. Else you won’t have the passion and motivation to do whatever it takes to push your project forward. If you lack the belief, maybe you should rethink how to proceed.

Who in the Tech industry would you like to meet for lunch? 

Jack Dorsey, is the founder of Twitter & Block (previously Square), and one of the highest-profile Bitcoiners. 

Not only he founded what I believe is the best online platform for acquiring knowledge and connecting with high-profile people globally, but he also pivoted his payments company towards Bitcoin and a decentralized future for money.

Yet, Dorsey is an enigma to me. On the one hand, under his management, Twitter has become a platform that censors free speech and essentially participates in social engineering, especially for those who don’t know how to use it and trust the algorithm. On the other hand, though, Dorsey’s comments and speeches are all about freedom, decentralization, and “fixing the money – fixing the world”.

I’d like to get the chance to ask him more about it.

If you could live anywhere, where would it be? 

Probably Miami, FL. Miami is turning into the Bitcoin capital of the world, attracting high-profile investors, entrepreneurs, companies, etc. It is also very freedom-oriented at its core, it has beaches, and I enjoyed my two visits to it a lot.

What is your favorite book recommendation? 

The Bitcoin Standard by Saifedean Ammous. It is a great book that takes you through the history of money from a different lens and brings in Bitcoin and its potential future as the new global reserve currency, or the Standard, of the monetary system.

Why are you in Tech? 

I have always been a fan of technology, especially as a gamer growing up. It feels only natural to participate in shaping the technology that is no longer “the future”, but the actual present.

Specifically, I am in Fintech as Bitcoin’s “orange pill” drew me into learning and understanding the mechanics of the current financial and monetary system… and how inefficient and wrong it is. 

I believe we’re living through unprecedented times in terms of global financial and monetary conditions, and that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies comprise the sector that is going to “win” and become adopted given the technological advancements being made in “money” – the Internet of Value is being created on top of the Internet of Information and Communication, and it is exciting to be a part of it.

About CryptoJungle:

Founded in 2017, CryptoJungle is the leading digital platform in Israel for crypto news, guides and education. It is also an academy offering digital courses for retail investors and traders, job seekers, and company employees.

CryptoTalks is the largest crypto community with almost 40,000 members on Facebook.

CryptoJungle’s YouTube (run and managed by Ben) is the largest crypto channel in Israel with more than 10,000 subscribers.

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