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TEDxEilat: A Celebration of the Mind

How can we actualize human potential? A conference in Israel's southernmost city seeks to answer that question
MK Yanki Margalit speaks at the 2013 TEDx Israel event, held in Jerusalem (Photo credit: Courtesy)
MK Yanki Margalit speaks at the 2013 TEDx Israel event, held in Jerusalem (Photo credit: Courtesy)


With the abundance of start up companies, and non-governmental organizations, naturally Israel fosters social entrepreneurship. What exactly does social entrepreneurship entail? Just as entrepreneurs use creativity to improve their business lines, social entrepreneurs propose solutions for social change. TED, is a successful nonprofit, nonpartisan foundation that shares ideas of social entrepreneurs by international conferences, and a website dedicated to talks about “ideas worth spreading”. The bright red TED brand is recognized world wide as a community for people who seek “a deeper understanding of the world”. Through their mission of “spreading ideas”, people from all around the world are brought together to “change attitudes, lives and, ultimately, the world”. Simultaneously, independent TEDx events facilitate the sharing of ideas in communities in all different parts of the world.

On April 14th, TEDx is coming to Eilat. The theme of TEDxEilat is Human Potential where experienced mediators, professors, best selling authors, life coaches, and motivational speakers will take to the TEDxEilat stage to share their ideas for social good. TEDxEilat is much more than a TEDx event, but also a catalyst for promoting and facilitating social entrepreneurship in the Eilat area. Eilat’s citizens form a unique community of professionals, academics, entrepreneurs, and scientists that fosters a motivated and driven community. Or Haviv, the organizer of TEDxEilat and the CEO of the EilatHub, sees TEDxEilat as a natural form to synergize education and entrepreneurship to foster a celebration of the mind. For Mr. Haviv, TEDxEilat is a Celebration of the Mind.


Eilat is located at the most southern tip of Israel, in the Negev desert, bordering the Red Sea. While Eilat is accessible by Air, due to its geographical location, a 3.5-hour drive from Tel Aviv, Eilat is isolated from major economic centres. However, Eilat is known as “Israel’s Paradise city” and attracts thousands of tourists each year. Eilat’s lavish resort hotels, tax-free shopping malls, and tourist attractions such as, swimming with dolphins, hiking red canyon’s, and scuba diving with thousands of fish. When visiting Israel, Eilat is a destination must.


This is the first TEDx event in Eilat, but Or assures that plans are already underway for a second event in the future. TEDxEilat is creating a forum for sharing ideas, but also serves as an opportunity to connect professionals in Israel. The TEDxEilat community fosters relationship building amongst students, and professionals from various different fields to motivate and inspire each other. To be apart of the TEDxEilat community, and get tickets for the upcoming event, be sure to like the TEDxEilat community page on Facebook. TEDxEilat, a Celebration of the Mind is an opportunity to learn, be inspired, and connect with other professionals in Israel.


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