Tell Bibi to give this speech…and change EVERYTHING for Israel

Yesterday, I sent the following message to Prime Minister Netanyahu together with a suggested speech entitled, ‘Truth Before Solutions: A New Path To Peace’:

Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu
Prime Minister of Israel

Dear Mr. Prime Minister:

I am a Christian who trains Zionists to use your country’s land title deed – the Mandate For Palestine — to create a strong moral argument against the false ‘occupation’ narrative.

I was inspired early one morning to write a speech for you that uses this argument to announce a moratorium on peace plans, the purpose of which is to give your government time to teach your children and the world about Israel’s land title deed before any further partition of Israel is allowed. I humbly offer it to you along with any further assistance that I may provide. A copy is attached, and you may also download a copy from the Israel Truth Week website.

Salomon Benzimra - Goldi Steiner - Mark VandermaasMy work has been greatly inspired by my dear friends and collaborators, the late Salomon Benzimra (author of The Jewish Peoples’ Rights To The Land Of Israel) and his partner at Canadians for Israel’s Legal Rights, Ms. Goldi Steiner. Since meeting these two tireless advocates for justice I have personally trained over 450 Jewish and Christian Zionists.

I always ask my audiences how many of them have read the magnificent words of the Mandate; I am sure you will be surprized to learn that barely 2% have done so even though most are ardent Zionists! Clearly, there is a great need to teach the history of Israel’s land deed to Jews and friends of Israel, and to teach them how to use it as a counter-propaganda narrative against the ‘occupation’ lie. It is my mission to do my best to ensure that no Jewish child should go to bed one more night believing that their people were monsters who stole land that did not belong to them.

A Jewish friend who is on the Board of Directors for the Toronto Zionist Council said this about my training: “All my life I never had a copy of my country’s land title deed until you put one in my hands. Your support, understanding, vision and belief in us gave me the courage to stand up as a proud Jew.” Imagine duplicating that experience and empowerment for hundreds of thousands of Jews and friends inside and outside Israel! You can download a copy of my training booklet that includes a copy of the original Mandate here:

Shalom and the greatest of Blessings to you, your family and your people.


Mark Vandermaas, Director of Training
Israel Truth Week (
341 Talbot Street, Suite 102
London, Ontario, CANADA N6A 2R5
519.457.0709 (Goldi Steiner, Irving Weisdorf); Legal Grounds (

I received a prompt reply indicating that my email had, indeed, been read as evidencing by the 2nd paragraph kindly referencing their gratitude for Christian support:

Thank you for your e-mail to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Regrettably, due to the large volume of e-mail received, the Prime Minister cannot personally respond to each message.

We derive great strength from the steadfast support of our Christian friends around the world, and were touched by your message of solidarity.

Prime Minister’s Office – E-Correspondence


Israel Truth Week Poster: Ask Me About Israel's Land Title Deed

Have you read Israel’s land title deed?

If you haven’t read the amazing and inspiring words of Israel’s land title deed yet, I strongly encourage you to do so. No ‘solution’ should be implemented until all Jews have been educated about their land rights, and until the nations have been reminded of, and acknowledged their obligations to the Jewish People under the Mandate For Palestine.

In 1922, the world recognized the ancient Jewish ties to Palestine/Israel and returned their homeland to the Jews; now it is trying to take it away. It is immoral.

Mark Vandermaas


1. Salomon Benzimra, Mark Vandermaas, Goldi Steiner: taken by David Strutt, licenced by Israel Truth Week. All rights reserved.
2. ‘Ask Me About Israel’s Land Title Deed’ poster image: Copyright, Israel Truth Week. Please use freely! Download PDF here.

About the Author
Mark Vandermaas is a Christian Canadian activist/educator who travelled Israel as a UN peacekeeper in 1978. He founded Israel Truth Week ( in 2012 after Jewish students at Western University were intimidated while campus police watched. Mark has personally trained over 450 Zionists how to liberate Israel from the fake 'occupation' narrative by using Israel's land title deed, the 'Mandate For Palestine,' to make a powerful moral argument for Israel's land rights.