Temple Mount

Looking back at the Temple Mount and the rights to this unique piece of land, the factual evidence is abundant and without any viable contention. Over 2500 years ago, in the Book of Isaiah, as well as other historic documents verified through ‘carbon dating’ as within the “Dead Sea Scrolls”, it is clearly outlined that the Jews, after being scattered throughout the world would one day return to their land. What is referred to as prophecy in the Bible has proven to be insights to the history of the past, present, as well as the future, even to the point of specifying time-lines accurate as if noted on the Hebraic calendar centuries earlier. Utilizing the writings of too many books to list in the Hebrew Bible; and, after establishing these writings as nearly scientific, it can be considered as fact that the Temple Mount will be the exact location of the 3rd Jewish Temple. In correlation of other fulfilled forecasts, as well as what many have called ‘miraculous’ events, IE: “the 6 day war” reclaiming Jerusalem as the Jewish Capital, this should be just around the corner, as the events occurring in this present age seem to be coming in rapid succession. At any rate, it appears that no matter what the leaders of the U.N. state, nor any other world leader, the clock keeps ticking at its own pace, almost as if it is oblivious to any other distractions…making all disputes irrelevant and futile.


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Ron DeJohn is ED of a National Drug Prevention organisation.
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