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Ten simple questions for every country in the world…except Israel

Especially for those who easily bash Israel: Look in the mirror and tell us what would you have done?
What Would Your Country Do? (Unsplash)

Post October 7th, it’s amazing to me that with all the online, print, broadcast and social media covering multiple aspects of the war, it’s incredibly hard to find any story which asks what other countries would have done had they been in Israel’s position.

Of course, this has not stopped countries from condemning Israel, defending Hamas, recognizing a Palestinian state (which, by the way, doesn’t yet exist), filing international court cases, accusing Israel of genocide and generally being comfortable in telling Israel what it should do.

This begs the question, “WHAT WOULD THEY DO?.” Frustratingly, I can’t seem to find a story that covers – in-depth – what these countries would do had they experienced a massacre like Israel did.

Don’t we owe it to ourselves and the world to get these countries to wrestle with the question of what they would have done? And don’t we owe it to ourselves and the world to ask what they would do if they experienced such a catastrophe?

In that spirit, I offer ten simple questions that I hope would force the leadership of the world’s countries – especially those who easily bash Israel – to “look in the mirror” and share: What would they do?

I venture to guess – if they were honest – their answers would conflict with much of their criticism of Israel.

TO: 190+ Countries Not Named Israel

RE:  What Would Your Country Do If It Experienced a Hamas-Type Massacre as Israel has?

*Please answer each question honestly and with specifics.*

  1. What would your country do…if 1,200 of your people were killed, the majority of them ordinary citizens (i.e., non-military) and they were just trying to live their lives?
  2. What would your country do…if 250 men, women, children and infants were kidnapped by terrorists and held in horrendous conditions for months on end?
  3. What would your country do…if the invading terrorists committed sexual violence against men and women including rape, gang rape, insertion of objections into bodies, sexual organs being shot and other acts of mutilation?
  4. What would your country do…if the terrorists recorded their heinous acts and then released these “snuff films” to the world in an effort – one would imagine — to gloat, to inspire similar acts of evil, to promote their case around the world and to inflict further psychological torture on the families and friends of the victims, and of course, to the country itself?
  5. What would your country do…if terrorists massacred entire families by burning them alive, with the families wrapped tightly with wire?
  6. What would your country do…if terrorists forced the kidnapped women to shower in front of their captors while being held hostage?
  7. What would your country do…if terrorists deliberately targeted vulnerable non-combatants in their homes, in their beds and in their baby strollers?
  8. What would your country do…if the terrorists’ charter called for the destruction of your country?
  9. What would your country do…if you experienced the bloodiest day in your country’s history?
  10. What would your country do…if the terrorists’ leaders vowed to repeat their evil acts “again and again and again”?

Instead of trying to pass every anti-Israel resolution it could, I wish the United Nations would do something useful and survey its members about how they would react to an October 7th style massacre.

If that happened, there would be no more hiding behind fake diplomacy.

Perhaps some countries would reconsider whether or not Israel has a right and obligation to respond to evil in a way that protects the country and, ultimately, all Jews around the world.

I dare them to answer these questions…honestly and with specifics.

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