Sarah Heiman
Sarah Heiman

Tenufa-Bakehila addresses poverty-stricken homes in Israel

Have you ever started your first day of work in tears? I don’t mean from stress or pressure. I mean, from heartache and gratitude –simultaneously.

This might be what happens when you work for a non-profit that does amazing things. I just started working for Tenufa Bakehila–an Israeli organization that makes urgent home repairs for needy families and individuals. And more than that, we also help connect the families to resources to help them and prevent future struggles.

On my first day , the founder and director, Gabi Nachmani, invited me to visit work sites and meet the families that Tenufa Bakehila helps. Throughout the day my eyes welled with tears. I ended my first day feeling inspired and emotional. What did I see that made me so emotional?

I saw families living in delapidated heart-wrenching conditions. Homes with no windows (in the winter). Walls hidden beneath mold. Families with no hot water. Dangerous electricity units that sparked and threatened to electrocute upon nearing. Broken unusable plumbing. Among so many other problems.


סנדו בית שמש לפני

So I decided to do a blog series about my work with Tenufa Bakehila. I intend this series to raise awareness about our Israeli neighbors. This series will take a look at the populations that Tenufa Bakehila helps–the elderly, Holocaust survivors, single-parents, mentally and physically disabled, immigrants, lone soldiers, and terror victims.

More about the organization: Tenufa Bakehila is an Israeli non-profit organization that helps families in two very important ways. First, with urgent repairs to provide families with safe living conditions. Second, and equally important, Tenufa Bakehila places a friendly social worker on the scene, to find out their specific struggles and needs, and then connects them to resources.

These resources include: financial planning, physical and mental health services, children’s tutoring, parenting classes, and employment counseling. This enables the organization to go a step beyond repairing the home–to repairing the problems that brought the family to that point in the first place and giving them a brighter future.

Repairs in the home include: replacing broken roofs and decaying kitchen cabinets/counters, hazardous electrical systems, damaged water/heating systems, broken windows, plastering collapsing walls, ceilings, removing mold, and repainting.

I look forward to the great work being done with this life-altering organization. Please feel free to share this with others to help us raise awareness and continue our fundraising. We are located in 8 cities in Israel but there isn’t a single city in this country that doesn’t have poverty–we plan to be available in every city in the country and we need your help! Share the posts, like the Facebook page, invite others to do the same. Thank you so much! Tizku l’mitzvot!

Below: Tenufa Bakehila workers repair floor and ceiling

ביוב ורצפה לפני

About the Author
Sarah Heiman made aliyah from Buffalo, NY in 2011 and works at Tenufa Bakehila, an Israeli non-profit organization that helps needy families with urgent home repairs. She is a single mom to a toddler boy and lives in Jerusalem. Sarah has a BA and MA (Rutgers-NJ) in Social Policy and Sociology and has spent years in non-profit management and content writing. She enjoys running, yoga, hiking, nature, travel, and spending time with her family and friends.
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