Terror and the elephant in the room

Feelings of guilt, remorse and purpose charged my psyche as I sang “Happy Birthday” to his son and watched his daughter play. It was blatantly clear that one man was absent that day, the very man that counts most in a little boy’s life.

The word “Daddy” was never spoken. The sadness, ignored. This was a day dedicated to the birthday boy. A day filled with fun and friends, with worries vanquished and nightmares expelled.

I saw “Daddy” that day. I watched as he stared. I smiled as he blinked in response. The room was silent, the air, heavy.

For him, walking is a memory of the past. The same for smiling and speaking. Moving, eating and breathing are distant and unattainable. “A coma,” the doctors explained.

All can vanish in a second – everything one knows and loves. Desires and dreams become unreachable as life walks the border with death and all one can inquire is “Why?”

Why is Daddy lying in a hospital instead of enjoying his son’s 7th birthday celebration?

Why is Mommy alone? Why is Bubbe crying?

Why is the world crashing down for this family?

Brick by brick I can help rebuild the destruction.

A brick with a smile, a brick with a listening ear. A brick with a kind word, a brick with a helpful hand. And a brick with everlasting friendship.

In this way, I can repair the broken hearts and desolate souls.

When I walk, I walk for Daddy. When I eat, I fill the emptiness. When I laugh, I bring happiness to the world on his behalf. When I speak, I spread his message. We are all interconnected. We all share the responsibility.

We are all OneFamily Together.





About the Author
Jordana Lebowitz is a recent high school graduate from Toronto, Canada. She is currently taking a gap year in Israel and interning at the Sderot Media Center and OneFamily. Jordana believes in advocating against terrorism throughout the world and chooses the powerful and inspiring medium of writing to express her passions. Her message is that only through each individual taking responsibility for initiating change, regardless of status, background or location, will a better tomorrow ascend on the horizon.