Terror is personal

“Terror Attack in BeerSheva”

Why does that keep resonating in my brain? Why do I keep hearing that echo inside me? Unfortunately we don’t have a lack of terror attacks at this moment; we are literally drowning in a bloodbath of terror. So why am I focused on that one? Why BeerSheva?

Because BeerSheva is personal. Beersheva is where my roots lie. Beersheva is where my parents live. Beersheva is where my in-laws live. Beersheva is where my grandmother lives. I have been countless times to the Central Bus Station in Beersheva.

It could have been me. It could have been my family. It could have been countless people that I know from Beersheva. Beersheva is personal.

Perhaps that is my problem. Every terror attack should be viewed by me and by all of us as “personal”. It should be viewed as personal every time someone harms a single hair on one of our heads.

But I don’t. I should. But I don’t. And it is here that we should all be screaming, Shouting, Raging, and avenging every single person who has been harmed by terror.

We are all in this together. We are all one people. Terrorists don’t differentiate as to culture, ethnic group, social or economic status, and neither should we. Terror is and always should be “personal.”

Terror is not okay. Terror will never be okay. And terror should always be avenged because terror is or should always be personal.

About the Author
Tova Goldman is happily married and raising 7 great kids. She is originally from Toronto, Canada and made aliyah 18 years ago. She has merited to live in this country and become "Israeli." Today, she lives in a small yishuv that has slowly become her home.
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