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Terrorism in Europe: who is at fault?

It is not surprising that another terrorist attack hit London.  It is also not surprising that focus on terrorism has dwindled into a shoulder shrug of acceptance as inane as saying “oh well”. Translation: there is nothing we can do about it and might as well live with it. We are led to accept that at any time and while minding our own business, some crazy Islamic jihadist armed with an instrument of pain and choice will deliberately kills us. This attitude is a far cry from the aftermath of 9/11 when we all swore that “United we Stand”. The day after 9/11, Congress and Senate congregated on the steps of the Capitol in an unprecedented show of emotion and love of country; placing their hands over their hearts they recited the Pledge of Allegiance in unison. Fast forward to today: half of them refuse to stand or recite the pledge when Congress is in session.  What has changed? What has diluted the anger we felt as we watched the towers and 2,000 people evaporate in flames and dust?  What turned the tide?

Eight years of complacency and apologies turned countries into politically correct zombies. In 2008, Mr. Obama was elected on hope that would heal the country from the pain of Iraq and Afghanistan. Instead, the country got thrown into an abyss of partisan and racial hate and division. Rather than deepening the resolve to keep the country and world safe from another 9/11, Mr. Obama went on a world-wide apology tour. He roamed through the Middle East asking for forgiveness and promising that America was going to change; no longer the world power bully. America was going to become everyone’s BFF; it was a new Kumbaya era.  After a successful military surge by General Petraeus that stabilized Iraq, American troops were pulled out; leaving a significant void for terrorist thugs to step in and start the bleeding all over again.  The Caliphate did not just happen overnight.  They waited anxiously for the right moment. They waited for the soft leadership that allowed them to turn the middle-east into a playground of unstoppable terror and thugs. This was compounded by simpleton mindsets believing that diplomacy would work. Such inane intellectual thinking not only allowed blatant medievalist evil to spread, but gave carte blanche to otherwise isolated terrorist groups to unite and strengthen under the ominous black caliphate banner. Why are we surprised that “homegrown” terrorism has spread, especially in Europe?

Europe’s sixty plus years of social liberal governments allowed unchecked and un-vetted migration by the millions.  But that is not the end of the story: they also turned a foolish blind eye to the calculated defined cultural and ethnic pockets that some migrants (mostly from Middle-Eastern and Islamic states) were creating in big European cities. Driving through some parts of London or Paris one could be on the streets of Lebanon or Iran. Without any compunction to assimilate into the local population or at times even learning the host nation language, they often fester into a jobless and un-marketable frustration. “Homegrown” terrorism did not happen overnight. It was a process that developed through years of political social apathy, poor leadership, and political correctness gone amok.  These are not the immigrants that cried in emotional anticipation at the sight of the Statue of Liberty. These are the immigrants who encouraged by social activism of victimization want nothing to do with the host nation and remain deeply entrenched in their own culture and beliefs. They demand that their ethnic needs outweigh host nation’s laws and customs.  Their “cause” finds credibility in uber left social circles under the pretense of diversity. The disingenuous far left narrative that vetting and travel restrictions are racially motivated; is not only moronic but offensive to the hundreds who have already died at the hands of “diverse” thugs.

The G7 meeting at the end of May was long on clichés and short on substance. After sifting through the rhetoric of a three-page statement on Terrorism the only significant remark I found was that the group would “take strongest action possible to find, identify, remove, and punish, as appropriate, terrorists and those who abet their activities.” Even this statement raised my Spock-like eyebrows to question: really? What strong action do you propose to take G7? How do you propose finding those who abet terrorist activities if often than not law enforcement is not permitted to conduct searches or surveillance without some activist pinhead screaming “human rights violation”, Islamic phobia, or some other social excuse not to go after scumbags? This is the leadership that we look up to for protection? The terrorism lip service was followed by eight exuberant pages devoted to a Roadmap for Gender-Responsive Economic Environment:  whatever that means. A long-winded rendition on women’s equal rights in the work place. If that was not enough pandering; the Roadmap was followed by three pages describing a People-centered Action Plan on Innovation, Skills, and Labor.  The “action plan” contained the now all too familiar “inclusiveness”; the magic word that forces corporations to embrace hiring practices based on gender diversity rather than qualifications.  They must bend to quotas and “gender responsive” environments instead of hiring the person most suitable for the job. The killing of innocent civilians got three pages, but diversity and people-centered rhetoric got eleven pages. A testimonial to what these pinheads leading our nations define as important in our lives.

The G7 was nothing more than a scathingly limp ineffectual attempt at checking boxes in a long check list of superficial politically correct non-issues that do very little to improve public safety or economics. The only skeptic among the brood of leadership wimps was Mr. Trump. The elephant in the room; who listens, nods, and commits to nothing.  As Britain witnesses another horrendous attack in London, Mr. Trump remains adamant about vetting and banning travel from countries that do not vet.  Maybe the G7 will develop a Roadmap and Action Plan to fight terrorism. Now that would be a narrative we can all get behind. How about initiating a strong bilateral European vetting migrant program? Better still, why not give local law enforcement (especially in large cities) the resources and support to fight “homegrown” terrorism before it spreads through ethnic neighborhoods?

We ask ourselves: who is looking out for us? Not the G7, and definitely not the irrelevant United Nations; which decries Israel’s right and responsibility to defend itself and accusing it of human rights violation while giving the Palestinian authorities and Hamas a free pass. Not the European Union led by Frau Merkel who allowed over a million refugees (most undocumented) into Germany and then pressured other EU countries to do the same.  Who is left? The world media, which spends more time hating President Trump, elevating stupid to news, and accusing the United States of isolation than reporting the truth?  After every attack we give ourselves a “Home Alone” slap in the face pretending we are surprised.  Really? We are dumb enough to elect leaders who believe that extremism is caused by Climate Change and can be stopped by diversity and gender-responsive economic environments.  Each terrorist attack is followed by the same platitudes of unity and determination that fizzle into hollow statements by politicians who talk a good talk but have no balls to walk the walk.  Meanwhile and even before the political rhetoric has died down; terrorists would have already plotted their next attack with precision confident that there is little to stop them.  The social justice mantra of our times seems to protect thugs and leave victims and their families grasping at empty promises that have done very little in protecting their loved ones or their neighborhoods.

It is common knowledge that certain places of worship preach and instigate hatred and violence; but political correctness has rendered law enforcement impotent in pursuing, detaining, and arresting.  The racist, phobic, and “human rights” cards are played favoring potential terrorist thugs. “We the people” are put on the back burner of safety by wimps disguised as world leaders. Terrorists fear very little from these strutting self-righteous suited fools who live in a pseudo-intellectual bubble while the rest of us must live with the knowledge that going to a corner coffee shop or crossing a bridge might be detrimental to our health.  We need to take a page out of Israel’s playbook. Israel profiles. If you get offended: tough luck. Israel opts for safety over hurt feelings. That’s a novelty! Israel loves its citizens above those who want to cause them harm. Israel and Israelis are pragmatic about safety. They embrace the fact that they are allowed to serve and protect Israel’s borders. Their leaders put the needs of Israel above those of others. Now that’s a concept I can stand behind. Israel does not apologize for securing its borders and keeping thugs out.  Best of all: Israel is not afraid to call out terrorists and those who harbor them. Israelis love their country enough to allow their leaders to do what it takes to protect Israel and its citizens.

London hurts. And we should be angry. Angry at those who through the years of political apathy allowed the seed of evil to be sown and grown without hindrance. We should be angry at politicians who put the needs of the few above the needs of the many. We should be angry that we have become immune and passive about terrorists and instead of making their life a living hell we give them “rights” and lawyers. I am angry because I cannot go to an airport without having my life exposed in a plastic tray and my body scrutinized under an x-ray machine. I am angry because regular folk are stripped of their “rights” not to offend scumbags trying to kill us. Finally: I am angry because my way of life has been hijacked by terrorism and those who hate me for who I am and what I stand for. I am even angrier at the social activism that weakened leadership and led all of us to believe that patriotism is racism, deterrence is war mongering, and protection is isolation. The disingenuous rhetoric elevated gossip into news and turned leadership into a sorority.  The Mayor of London asked for calm. Really? Tell it to the victims and their families. With due respect sir: we are past calm, we are into angry now!

About the Author
Judith was born in Malta but is also a naturalized American. Former military wife (23 years), married, and currently retired from the financial world as Bank Manager. Spent the last 48 years associated or working for the US forces overseas. Judith has a blog on www.judith60dotcom Judith speaks several languages and is currently learning Hebrew.