Terrorists are not “salt of the earth”

It’s been my observation that people who see themselves as promoting peace and a resolution to armed conflicts around the globe often paint one side as the complete victim and the other side as the ultimate aggressor.  Modern American historians often speak of the Native Americans as the wretched, oppressed class, ignoring the massive wars and carnage American Indian tribes inflicted upon one another. They are painted as the innocent, wretched truth-telling victims.

So, too, this rule follows in the Arab-Israeli conflict that has been going on for longer than the modern state of Israel has existed. In 1964, Yasser Arafat founded the PLO and began inflicting mass misery upon the Jewish State (as if there was not terror beforehand). Yet, despite the countless machine gun massacres, bus bombings, axe attacks, airplane high-jackings and cruise ship murders (i.e.: the murder of Jewish entrepreneur Leon Klinghoffer aboard the Achille Lauro), and  Olympic Village hostage-taking, time after time, the world media, the UN and the United States State Department give the Arabs in Ramallah and Gaza city a clean bill of health, tell us the murder and death of both Jews and Arabs is all Israel’s fault, the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians are the “salt of the earth”, good trustworthy peace partners who only seek justice and a means to earn a living; if only the bad mean, stubborn, selfish Israelis, the Jews, would compromise by giving up our freedom, laying down and dying en masse in the middle of Tel Aviv.

Enough is enough. For nearly 66 years, since December 1949, the UN has been funding misery and terror, and the joke is on the Jewish people, the State of Israel, and all citizens of the world who seek decency and truth. Their workers have been applauding the latest terror wave on social media. (See https://www.timesofisrael.com/unrwa-workers-hail-terror-attacks-on-social-media-ngo-says/.)

The UNRWA — United Nations Relief and Works Agency — exists for no other purpose than funding, educating and inciting Arabs to kill Jews in Israel. They hide weapons, missiles, and mass murderers in their schools and facilities. They transport them in their ambulances and diplomatic vehicles, and provide murder training camps to children, incitement in the form of school books for children, to train Arabs how to kill Jews from age 0. The UNRWA itself could probably be categorized as the largest terror organization in the area, teaching Arabs throughout the Middle East to hate and kill Jews from age 0.

Since the signing of the Oslo Accords in 1993, the Arabs living in Israel and all the “occupied territories” should have been gearing up for peace, learning to love one another, and preparing themselves for a great life in the high tech Middle East. Instead, they’ve been majoring in Murder from the time they’re born.

Mahmoud Abbas would have us believe that all these angry teenagers wielding knives are starving children from poor refugee camps. Not so. Many of them live in huge mansions.

The game is up. The Oslo Accords are a huge failure, as they are based on the fallacy that Jews equal bad and Arabs equal all good. It is time to Defund UNRWA, evacuate the refugee camps and disband the terror organizations  – with force if necessary.  After 22 years of nonstop incitement and terror education provided to the Arabs on the world’s tab through the UN, that is the only peace solution that is currently viable.The time has come to rip the terrorist evil out by its roots; the time has come to Defund UNRWA.

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Nofyah Shem Tov moved to Israel in 1989 and currently lives in Jerusalem with her two youngest children. Mother of BlogMyLunch.com and 5 happy humans.
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