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Tesla cars are coming to Israel

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While Israel is no stranger to electric cars, it has never met the tires of Tesla. Personally, I’ve been swept away by the story of this market-disrupter, set on redesigning the lives of their users. Weekly news headlines share the company’s newest breakthrough, drama, or CEO tale. It’s safe to say that I’m in line.

As reported up to today, Tesla’s Model S, Model X, and Model 3 were approved for sale in Israel by the Ministry of Transport.

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The announcement of Tesla’s entry into the Israeli market comes after a phenomenal year of unprecedented growth. With over half a million cars produced in 2020, the superstar auto company has increased sales by over 40% year over year.

Tesla’s beloved Model S, Model 3, and Model X will hit Israeli highways this year, as predicted, flexing their breakthrough technologies, zero emissions, and innovative systems.

While as of today there is no apparent option to order in Israel, you may treat yourself to a Tesla in either Jordan or the UAE. It is not unusual that a manufacturer’s entry to Israel would begin with a series of local testing, which seems to be the case with Tesla as of today.

While I personally have never seen a Tesla on Israeli roads, this will all change in 2021. It seems that if Tesla can win the hearts of Israelis, unlike select global-brand predecessors such as Starbucks, it will have an open door to expansive growth in the Middle East.

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It was reported that Tesla has received a license from the Ministry of Transport for commercial imports of its vehicles, with no limit on volume. Not only this, but the vehicle manufacturer has received a license for direct importing and marketing of vehicles in Israel. Even more impressive is that this is the first time that a vehicle manufacturer has received a license for direct importing and marketing of vehicles in Israel. This comes in comparison with going through a local dealer or in partnership with a dealer

While prices have not yet been published on the Tesla website, marketing for the Model 3 is perched to kick off Tesla’s market entry in Israel. Prices are expected to reflect other international stickers, ranging somewhere in the cost of NIS 300,000 +/-.

As we all await Tesla’s red ribbon-cutting ceremony, we watch on as the company gains global applause for its nearly 750% growth in stock value over 2020.

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