Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d

Thank You

What do you say, when world powers decide to not demand from Israel a ceasefire, but to instead organize a coalition of ships to counter the Houthis?

You say, “Thank You G-d.”

What do you say, when the chiefs of US defence come to Israel, and say clearly that they are not putting any time limit on Israel, so that Israel can destroy Hamas?

You say “Thank You G-d.”

What do you say, when some government officials try to put Palestinian officials into position to run Gaza after the war, and Smotrich warns that if that happens, he will leave the government, and shortly afterwards Netanyahu tweets that he won’t allow Hamastan to become Fatahstan?

You say “Thank You G-d.”

What do you say, when so many Jews in Israel and worldwide are suddenly wanting to come closer to their heritage?

What do you say, when Israeli soldiers’ morale is high, off the charts, as they stand ready, despite casualties Heaven forfend, ready to defend their land and their people?

What do you say, when governments worldwide are clamping down strongly against antisemitism?

What do you say, when Redemption with Moshiach seems so close that we can taste it?

What do you say, when soon we will see those who departed, from past and present generations?

What do you say, when everything seems so miraculous, that we can sense G-d helping His people, and the entire world is allowing Israel to decide things?

What do you say?

You just stand there, looking on in amazement. and you say thank You to G-d.

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