Thank you God for not making me a woman

Jewish men recite a blessing every morning thanking God for not making them a woman.

Far from being sexist, this blessing acknowledges the inherent privilege endowed to us men by virtue of our gender. It reminds us that this world is still not equal for half of its inhabitants, and it is incumbent upon men to do something about it.

Women have faced oppression, sexual violence, political persecution, and other forms of discrimination that I, as a man, will never, and have never, faced.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where the blessing of not making us a woman is a necessity, as it acknowledges the obvious disparities and oppression women in today’s society continue to face.

The blessing is crucial as it forces those who say it each day to confront gender injustice. It forces men to acknowledge their privilege daily, and recognize the comparative advantage they experience without even noticing.

As the recent Supreme Court ruling has shown, the blessing reminds us to both envision and fight for a world in which the blessing is no longer necessary.

About the Author
A former Senate and Congressional intern, Shabbos is passionate about politics and history, and helped install the Israeli flag at the 2016 Democratic National Convention. A graduate of SAR High School, Shabbos currently studies at Aish Hatorah of Jerusalem.
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