Kara Wurtzel

Thank You Stupid Terrorist

Thank you Stupid Terrorist for another sleepless night.

Thank you Stupid Terrorist for essentially ruining summer vacation. For shortening tiyulim and date nights, for cancelling youth groups and camp trips.

Thank you Stupid Terrorist for the all day long “ghost calls” of the siren in my ears. For teaching me that there are two types of sirens: a “tzfira”, when we stand and honor those whom other stupid terrorists before you have killed, and an “azaka”, when we run for shelter.

Thank you Stupid Terrorist for making me the most unproductive I’ve ever been in my life: rotating between my phone and laptop for new updates and news, unable to focus on anything more.

Thank you Stupid Terrorist for making me sit on edge for every hour of every day that my children are not by my side. For making my kids tremble with prayers on their lips.

Thank you Stupid Terrorist for introducing me to a level of anxiety that my normally calm self was not aware I was capable of.

Thank you Stupid Terrorist for making us run, not once or twice, but FIVE times to our safe room.

Actually, now that I think about it, thank you Stupid Terrorist for the collective 50 minutes we spent in that safe room. It was the best hour of quality family time we had all week. I actually sat and talked to my family. We talked about how you, Stupid Terrorist, are trying your best to take us down but aren’t really succeeding.

And, thank you, Stupid Terrorist, for showing us true greatness in the form of three mothers who have lost their sons, and yet somehow managed to strengthen an entire nation.

Thank you, Stupid Terrorist, for the unending love we feel from family and friends across the ocean. The phone calls, texts, and check-ins don’t stop. They love us and are with us. Even if you aren’t.

Also, thank you Stupid Terrorist for the support groups on Whatsapp and group chats on Facebook that have formed while you try to destroy us. I’ve made new friends and come even closer to the the old ones. You try so hard to pull us apart, and yet we only come closer together.

And really, thank you Stupid Terrorist for showing us how many supporters Israel really has around the world. For some reason for the first time ever, it doesn’t feel like everyone is on your side.

Most important of all, thank you Stupid Terrorist for reminding me why we are here. Even with rockets flying and a very, very uncertain next couple of weeks, one thing has become crystal clear. That you, Stupid Terrorist, while you try to spread your evil, hurt my people and steal my land, never have I felt closer to her and all my people.

So, thank you stupid, Stupid Terrorist for rooting us even stronger, deeper, and more committed to Am Yisrael and Eretz Yisrael than ever.