Thankfully, There Is NO ‘Balance’ between Israel and Hamas

It seems like the people who talk about there not being “balance” between the casualties on the Israeli side and the Palestinian side will only be happy or satisfied if more Israelis are dead. To all the “balance” seeking warriors, I would like to say that such thinking is completely flawed.

There does not need to be a “balance” in everything we do or everything we are debating or reading about. When I am listening to a Holocaust survivor, I will not need to “balance” the story by bringing to the stage a Holocaust denier. When I listen to an Israeli diplomat speaking, I do not need to balance it out with a spokesperson of a recognized terrorist organization such as Hamas.

Some people always look to “balance” out the equation. They talk about “peace” as if peace is even possible at the moment, forgetting that Israel is dealing with a Muslim brotherhood linked terrorist organization that wants the removal of the state of Israel from the map altogether. Not to live side by side next to one another, but the removal of the Jewish state. These organizations do not even truly care about a Palestinian state as long as the Jews are present in the area.

I hear arguments claiming that if only Israel would give a little more to the Palestinians they will be happy, but this did not work in the past. In 2005 I lived in Israel when it withdrew from the Gaza Strip giving the Palestinians everything, leaving behind the land so they could develop Gaza and turn it into a great place to live in. Instead, the Palestinians since fired over 30,000 rockets into Israel, sending millions of Israeli civilians running into the bomb shelter, and completely neglected the economic development for the sake of their own people.

All they need then is a little more, right? Well friends, they got a little in 2005 and turned Gaza into an Iranian training ground for Palestinian terrorists.

Stop looking for the balance because, thank God, there is no balance and the Israeli Defense Forces is the strongest military in the Middle East. If it was not the strongest military, we wouldn’t be alive today, as time and time again there were attempts to destroy Israel. Days after Israel announced Independence 73 years ago, 7 Arab countries wanted to destroy the new Jewish state. Thank God the IDF is strong because 73 years later we have a state, while the Palestinians are still dealing with their refusal to establish one in 1936, 1948, 1967, 2000, 2008 and come to agreements in a few other instances.

I do not look for a balance, I look for a strong IDF that protects its citizens, that targets Hamas terrorists so they cannot sleep at night as long as my family in Ashdod will not be sleeping. I do not look for balance, I look for a strong Israel that even when many in the world are standing against it and people are demonstrating against it and the media judges, I know that we will not need to be dependent on any of them because we can stand up for ourselves.

Today, I sadly learned that my uncle’s building in Ashdod was directly hit by a rocket from Gaza. Thankfully, there were no casualties, but residents of other buildings in Israel we not as lucky. This rocket aimed to kill any civilians it can. There is no “balance” between Hamas aiming to kill women and children, to the IDF targeting terrorists while giving warnings to civilians to evacuate.

Many times people from the Jewish community ask when would the world feel our pain and when would the world stand by our side? The answer is very simple, when the number of Israelis killed will be nothing less than 6,000,000 , and even then it is not guaranteed.

It is not just Israel that they have an issue with or that they are looking to attack, it is the Jews that can stand up for themselves, a Jewish nation that knows how to fight back and protect itself, and it is the Jew that the world hates to see strong so much and needs to have it “balanced.”

Just for a point of reference, 4,000 Palestinians died in Syria during the civil war, more than in the last 4 Israeli operations in Gaza and the last 20 years if not more combined, and I am yet to see a single protest. You know why? Because no one from the international community truly cares about the Palestinians, as long as the international community is obsessed with the Jews and Israel.

About the Author
Ilan Sinelnikov is the Founder and President of the national Students Supporting Israel movement.
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