Thanks, but…

Dear United States of America,

Thank you for being one of Israel’s strongest allies. While it is true that not all is rosy in our relationship, you certainly stand by Israel while others waver.

While we may not agree on the details, we both know that Israel and the US are a rare combination of democracy and leadership. In a world of uncertainty or worse, these two countries shine when it comes to understanding what is right.

So, I ask of you, do the right thing. Stand up for Israel. Do not push us against the wall. Trust our judgment and know that things here are complicated. But we are working them out. We are the ones who live here, our sons and husbands, brothers and sisters, put their lives on the line every day defending our country. This is our homeland, we have no other. And we will defend it as we judge best.

Your job is to support us. Not the old way, with money and arms. We are strong enough and independent enough to take care of that ourselves. We appreciate the help, but that’s not the crux of the issue. What we need from you, America, is your friendship. Your ability to stand behind us with encouragement and strength.

There are issues that arise, that are potentially harmful to us. You, America, can help mitigate the dangers and results. We expect you to step up and do the right thing.

Take the boycott movement, for example. I had the privilege of hosting two U.S. Congressman here in Israel last month with the Yes! Israel Missions. In a public ‘Town hall’ meeting, Americans living in Israel brought up the question of how to deal with the BDS movement, calling to boycott Israeli products because of our country’s policies. The honorable guests had not even heard of the phenomenon. This may be due to the perception that, for now, it is a contained, mostly European problem.


While racism and antisemitism is rampant in other countries, you in the US still pride yourselves on the liberal values upon which your great country was established. You, America, should act towards Israel with ‘full faith and credit’ (See: the Constitution) where it is due. In today’s terms, this means allowing your allies to run their own business. To decide their own policies. To determine their own fate, within the parameters of democracy and fair play.

Full faith and credit
Full faith and credit

Your administration has implemented this policy quite well in most countries, even those where an Arab spring quickly froze into winter. But when it comes to Israel, we seem to be the only country getting this much attention. While that is flattering, it is also harmful.

So here’s what you can do for us, your best friend in this part of the world, maybe anywhere around: Stick up for us.

If Israel is taken to task by other countries, speak out and do whatever it takes to support us. Tell them that anti-Israel means anti-America, and that no matter political debate, the US has full faith in Israel’s intentions and supports our country without wavering. You have this chance, and the proof is in the details.

You can refuse to do business with those who boycott Israel. Withhold funding to organizations, if not governments, who openly call to avoid Israeli products.

Racism is still racism when it’s dressed up in a different name. Anti-Israel sentiment is growing around the world, and it’s time, America, to step up and speak out. Boycott? No way. Let’s practice with this issue, so that we can face our adversaries with whatever comes our way in the future as well, together.

Your friend Israel thanks you.



About the Author
Ruth Lieberman is an Israeli-based political consultant and licensed tour guide, combining her love of Israel with political acumen to better Israel's standing both at home and in the eyes of the world. She has consulted for political leaders in Jerusalem and in Washington, from work on election campaigns to public advocacy and events. Her tours in Israel connect Biblical history to modern realities, to highlight Israel's achievements and promote its policies.