Thanks To Glenn Beck And Your Investigation Team …. Ilhan Omar – Resign Now!!


Glenn Beck went on Blaze TV this week laying out all the evidence that explains the strange family history of Ilhan Omar. He comes up with various conclusions which have yet to be proven, but most likely explain why Omar is not willing to answer any questions regarding her marriage or anything else about her family history.

It is a long and complicated story which Glenn Beck went on to explain in the most logical way he could.

Whichever way you look at it, this evidence points to a number of serious violations of the law. And because Omar is refusing to defend herself, it most likely will be a cloud hanging over her head until she is willing to talk about it.

President Nixon could have kept the “smoking gun tape” secret and perhaps no one would have had enough evidence to impeach him.  But President Nixon knew that if he did then he and his family would suffer for it, once it became public.

In Omar’s case there is “No Way Out” and the evidence which was uncovered against her is too overwhelming to ignore.  It looks like her career as a Congresswoman is “Ready To Die”. It is not a matter of “if” but “when”.

So Omar, for the good of yourself, family and the country, please take the most logical step that you should consider and – Resign Now!!

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