That Number 18 ; Lessons Harry Truman Taught Us


Yesterday I emphasized the number 22; today I want to put emphasis on the number 18. Next month will mark the 18th Anniversary of 9/11. Those people who lost loved ones and first responders will join those families that were victims of the terrible terrorist attacks that have now taken place around the world in the past 12 months.

We are now in the midst of the three day period 74 years ago when the US dropped the first Atomic Bomb, and then three days later dropped the second. Throughout the time I learned American History in public school, I remember learning about those A bombs. But I never really thought about it in depth, especially when it came to the question of what would have happened if President Roosevelt had lived through his term of office which would have allowed him to remain President through the end of 1948.

I have seen some commentaries which seem to indicate the decision to drop the A Bomb would have been probably the same as President Truman.  But the question which I really wanted to look into was if the State Of Israel would have been established by May, 1948, under Roosevelt.

For this answer, I found the following letter which Roosevelt wrote on April 5, 1945, courtesy of the US State Department website-

President Roosevelt to the King of Saudi Arabia (Abdul Aziz ibn Saud) 56

Washington, April 5, 1945.

Great and Good Friend: I have received the communication which Your Majesty sent me under date of March 10, 1945,57 in which you refer to the question of Palestine and to the continuing interest of the Arabs in current developments affecting that country.

I am gratified that Your Majesty took this occasion to bring your views on this question to my attention and I have given the most careful attention to the statements which you make in your letter. I am also mindful of the memorable conversation which we had not so long ago and in the course of which I had an opportunity to obtain so vivid an impression of Your Majesty’s sentiments on this question.

Your Majesty will recall that on previous occasions I communicated to you the attitude of the American Government toward Palestine and made clear our desire that no decision be taken with respect to the basic situation in that country without full consultation with both Arabs and Jews.58 Your Majesty will also doubtless recall that during our recent conversation I assured you that I would take no action, in my capacity as Chief of the Executive Branch of this Government, which might prove hostile to the Arab people.

It gives me pleasure to renew to Your Majesty the assurances which you have previously received regarding the attitude of my Government and my own, as Chief Executive, with regard to the question of Palestine and to inform you that the policy of this Government in this respect is unchanged.

I desire also at this time to send you my best wishes for Your Majesty’s continued good health and for the welfare of your people.

Your Good Friend,

Franklin D. Roosevelt

That promise was soon to be broken.

In an analysis appearing in the Baltimore Sun on Sept. 1, 2002, the author G. Jefferson PriceIII informs readers of what took place before this letter was written.

The Roosevelt administration and the American oil interests working to establish American primacy in Saudi Arabia over the British had been heaping money on Ibn Saud.

A meeting took place in February 1945 aboard the USS Quincy, a destroyer, in the Great Bitter Lake of the Suez Canal, where Roosevelt stopped on his way home from the Yalta Conference with Churchill and Stalin.

In 1943, Roosevelt was persuaded that paying Ibn Saud was essential, even if a lot of the money was going to pay for his wives, slaves and concubines. So he ordered Lend-Lease money diverted to Saudi Arabia, asserting that, “I find the defense of Saudi Arabia is vital to the defense of the United States.”

Had Roosevelt been interested, he might have learned that the regime in Saudi Arabia – “vital to the defense of the United States” – was not much different than the Taliban regime knocked off recently by the United States in Afghanistan.

Ibn Saud had conquered most of the Arabian peninsula and consolidated it into one kingdom with the help of the fanatically religious Wahhabi Bedouins; Many of the rules are still in effect in Saudi Arabia. Some speculate that Osama bin Laden is a Wahhabist.

So when Roosevelt made this promise about Palestine, it never occurred to Ibn Saud that another president could come along and break that promise.

But Roosevelt died a week after sending the letter to Ibn Saud.

President Truman placed the United States forcefully and decisively in support of the partition of Palestine and the creation of a Jewish state in 1948. The sentiments of the king of Saudi Arabia were not considered important.

“I’m sorry, gentlemen,” Truman explained to worried Arabists. “But I have to answer to hundreds of thousands of people who are anxious for the success of Zionism. I do not have hundreds of thousands of Arabs among my constituents.”

So once again, I want to bring out the key dates that I previously mentioned in another Blog. President Roosevelt passed away on April 12, and only 18 days later, the Nazi leader took his own life.

In other words, G-d made sure that Roosevelt would not survive once the time was right for the State of Israel to be established. And G-d made sure the Nazi leader would also not survive exactly 18 days later, thereby paving the way for the destruction of the Nazi party and the establishment of Israel.

Now let’s examine another event which recently took place that I commented on. Al Franken has been out of the political scene since he was forced to resign on December 7, 2017. Suddenly an article appears in the New Yorker written by Jane Mayer that basically clears him of those charges, and should pave the way for his re-entry into Congress.

But if we look at dates, then perhaps that process will suddenly speed up, although at this stage no one in Congress seems interested in doing anything about it.

Jane Mayer wrote that article on the website July 22, and if we count 18 days from then, we arrive at August 9. A very interesting observation can be made from all of this.

On December 7, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, and that marked the beginning of the US entrance into WWII, while on August 9, the US ended the War with the second Atomic Bomb.

On December 7, 2017, Al Franken was attacked and thrown out of Congress without due process and the right to defend himself. It would only be right that Al Franken be reinstated by August 9, 2019.

This is not a matter of law, it’s a matter of common decency and common sense in return for his one day notice he received that forced him to resign. And in return for all the service he has given his country and the people of Minnesota.

If laws mattered to this Congress than Omar should have been gone a long time ago. At last report Omar had run away to Africa, still not answering all the questions surrounding her marriage and family history.

But now with Omar quiet, suddenly the Squad members are quiet too.

Omar is supporting the Palestinians who are not in her district, just like Roosevelt was supporting the Saudis.

President Truman supported the Jewish cause as does Franken.

This should explain who should now be in Congress and who should be thrown out.

It’s that simple.




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