That was the (mini) war that was

Ceasefire. The war that started last night around 10 pm is now finished. Apparently. A 14-hour war. It started with the launching of rockets by the Islamic Jihad. It ended with the announcement of the Islamic Jihad that as a result of Egyptian intervention, they are willing to cease fire “on the condition that the Zionists stop their attacks”. (Note: no mention of ceasage of balloon and kite arson. No suggestion that they will stop the violent demos on the border, during the days and during the nights. That’s not them…. that’s the Hamas. And the Hamas come out of this smelling like roses. (There was a war but it wasn’t their fault.)

And us?

Again my routines are dictated not by the government of Israel for whom I democratically voted, rather: by the terrorist leaders in Gaza.

Don’t get me wrong. I do not want a war. But as a citizen of the democracy of Israel, I do not want to be ruled by the terrorists who declare my death and destruction, as their objective. I want my government to have a plan. A strategy. And to work on implementing it. And it would be nice if they let us – the citizens – in on what the strategy is. In general. I don’t need to know state secrets. I just need to know that there IS a general plan for where we are taking this. To know that my government is doing what they were voted in to do, and are paid to do: to lead.

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Born in the USA, Adele has lived in a Kibbutz on the border with the Gaza Strip since 1975. She is a mother and a grandmother living and raising her family on the usually paradisaical, sometimes hellishly volatile border. She is affiliated with "The Movement for the Future of the Western Negev", for sanity's sake. She also moderates a FB group named "Life on the Border". Adele is a teacher of English as a Foreign Language, as well as a teacher trainer and counselor for the Israeli MoE for EFL and Digital Pedagogy. She blogs here about both Life on the Border, as well as about digital pedagogy, in "Digitally yours, @dele". She has recently become a devoted YouTuber, churning out about a YouTube a week on the topic of digital stuff. ( Her personal channel covers other issues close to her heart (medical clowning, Life on the Border, etc.) ( In addition, she is a trained medical clown and, as any southern clown would do, clowns as often as she can in the pediatric ward in the hospital in Ashkelon. Adele has 4 children, 6 grandchildren (and counting) and two dogs. She has yet to acquire a partridge in a pear tree.
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