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Following the Nazi-like pogrom committed in Israel by Hamas on October 7th, 2023 which caused the death of 1,400 human beings, massacred with unprecedented cruelty and barbarism, we Israelis, have an impression of “too many” ad nauseam: too many deaths, too much cruelty, too many decapitations, too many hostages, too many children…. too much disgust.

There is also what is missing.

Had there been at least a few demonstrations of Muslim or Arab populations, of pro-Palestinian activists anywhere in the world claiming that for once, Hamas went too far.

Had the demonstrators in favor of Hamas or Gaza, waited for at least one week after the October 7th massacre before marching through the streets of the biggest cities in the world.

Had these demonstrators avoided pure antisemitic slogans and call to “gas the Jews” and kept those only about the defence of civil populations.

Had even only a few Palestinians militants in the world challenged, even partially, the paradigm of their claims following Hamas’s barbarism.

Had the writer Tahar Ben Jelloun, who probably felt isolated after publishing his piece named: “On October 7th, the Palestinian cause was murdered”[1], not reversed his position 6 days later, to fit his position to the general Muslim narrative, saying that Israel was planning a genocide of the Palestinians.[2]

Had the the Chairman of the Arab Society of Intellectual Property, Dr Talal-Abu Ghazaleh, not stated, a few days after the October 7th massacre, that “Hitler left a group of Jews alive so that people would know why he carried out the Holocaust”[3].

That would have been enough. 

Had the whole world in general, and the Muslim world in particular waited 24 hours before accusing Israel of committing a genocide after the bombing of a hospital in Gaza.

Had the European Union waited for proof that Islamic Jihad was in fact responsible for this bombing, to say that the number of victims were not 500 but more like a few dozen maximum.

Had President Biden, admitting that Islamic Jihad was responsible for this bombing, designated them as what they are and not as “the other team”, as if he was talking of a game.

That would have been enough.

Had President Biden not treated Israel as an unruly child but as a strategic partner who defends not only his own interests but also the ones of the US and all the Western world.

Had President Biden remained silent when he was asked if he was going to put pressure on Israel to delay its ground offensive to allow the freeing of more hostages.

Had Hamas liberated, on October 20th, on top of two American hostages, at least two more among the weakest, like young children or elderly people.

Had President Macron thought that it would be useful to visit Israel within 2 weeks after the October 7thmassacre, as many of his peers from the free world have done.[4]

That would have been enough.



[3] See this interview on The words “Intellectual” and “property” being associated to this man is a disgrace for a purely human profession.

[4] See at 3:35 ,

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Laurent is a French Jew who made Aliya in 2008. Before Israel, he lived in France, Germany, Belgium and the UK. He analyzes political, cultural, religious, and geopolitical phenomenons observing human behavior with a very broad perspective.