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The 10 Plagues of Egypt in an AI Era

Biblical plagues really happened say scientists but what happens if history repeats itself and this time it is not by a divine intervention…

In the Hebrew Bible book of Exodus, Moses and Aaron try to convince Pharaoh that there is only one God, but Pharaoh counters that there are many Gods — and he refuses to free the Israelite slaves. The one true God proves his power by striking Egypt with 10 plagues.

The Exodus from Egypt is recorded in the Bible not only as history but also as prophecy. What will happen in the end of times will be similar to what happened in Egypt.

WHAT IF the 10 plagues happen in an AI (Artificial Intelligence) era?

Recently a Global Cyber-attack has spread across the world, hitting computer systems everywhere. Cyber-attacks and Cyber-terrorism are becoming more and more common and the time has come for the world to wake up, unite and fight digital terrorism.

As our dependency on the internet increases from our phones to our homes, streets, hospitals and cities, so do the threats posed by cyber terrorism… What if someone will design an AI to launch a Cyber-attack or to program other AI’s to seed a global chaos and ecological and economical disasters?

Scared of super intelligent AI? You should be…


All the water in Egypt, including the Nile, was turned to blood. It might have been an algae bloom e.g. Oscillatoria rubescens (or Burgundy Blood) as science explains.

In an AI era when AI intervenes with our nature – THIS MIGHT BE THE END!

In an AI era? Water is the source of life for all living organisms. In an AI era there could be various scenarios to infecting water sources, such as imposition of sewage and chemical waste to rivers, engineered bacteria and viruses to infect drinking water and water reservoirs OR…

In an AI era it will be assured that all world populations will get free clean water supply, farther to that, preparing other nearby planets toward new human exploration voyages and eventually settlements.



When all of the water creatures including plants start to die from the algae, frogs and other creatures that have a choice such as cockroaches and rats… LEAVE! Yep, they get out of the water and “infest” the land. There would have been A LOT of them too, due to their ability to reproduce much faster in times of stress.

In an AI era? In an AI era we will have robotic bugs, squirrels, birds and raccoons to cause electricity grid disruptions, to enter our beds at night time and well – imagine any horror scenario. OR…

In an AI era we could save endangered species from extinction, and we could mark frogs and other creatures as bio indicators for micro climate changes as to solve global climate changes here on earth and be part of new eco-systems in new planets.



The lice, gnats, and flies were feasting on the dead frogs. Then, lice infected the Egyptian people’s heads, and swarms of gnats and flies darkened the skies.

Image: The harmless mite Demodex folliculorum, seen here in an electron microscope image, lives in the follicles of eyelashes. Andrew Syred/Science Source

In an AI era? Gnats, and other parasites in general are disease carriers. In particular, the spread and present distribution of many parasites throughout the world has largely been the result of human activities, and the advent of AIDS has added a new chapter to the history of parasitology.

In an AI era we could use parasites as carriers of vaccines and medications. Also, parasites could help answer questions about human migrations through history, perhaps more than genetics or archaeology could alone because of how they’re shared among humans.



The Fourth Plague: The Plague of Flies, James Jacques Joseph Tissot, Jewish Museum, New York

Mosquitoes, flies and other insects would flourish without the predators to keep their numbers under control causing epidemics killing all our livestock.

In an AI era? Once upon a time, warfare was a question of fighter jets and tanks in the hands of large forces. Today’s cyber warfare means that small groups of individuals have the equivalent weaponry at their fingertips. The attacks can vary from exploits of code vulnerabilities to physical attacks involving Bugbots, robotic insects, hosted malware and others. Micro-drones combined with DNA hacking could create a very scary future. In an AI era we have Bugbots so small which can not only enter and penetrate the most protected places and sneak up on a suspected enemy, but also, to infect animals in diseases and killing other bugs and getting our delicate ecosystem out of balance. OR…

In an AI era we could use those to maintain ecological balance, to help in times of disaster, mapping, exploring and protecting, not only here on earth but also out there – The Universe.

cyborg insect has been created by researchers at Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University.


The Fifth Plague: Pestilence of livestock, by Gustave Doré


In an AI era? In an AI era we will be already growing meat in cell cultures, therefore to an AI to cause malicious infections in labs and in production lines is a possibility, OR…

In an AI era we will assist AI to prevent global famine and to make sure we get to produce meat in stem cells faster, cheaper and with a higher nutritional value – to take with us everywhere we chose to go, as new Space stations and new planets.


In an AI era? In an AI era we have injected technology inside our bodies as an integral part of who we are. From allergies and skin irritation to taking control of our mind can be a real threat OR…

In an AI era we could use the power of AI to help us fight diseases and better lead the future of genetic medicine, making sure that AI is nothing but an extension of our brains.



In an AI era? Clashing of thunderstorms and volcanic ash often leads to hail. In an AI era we may experience volcanic eruptions to lead to climate changes that will entirely wipe out cities and civilizations OR…

In an AI era we could better prepare ourselves against unpredictable natural disasters, such as hail and even against cosmic threats such as meteorite impact.



Image: bomb sniffing cyborg locusts

In an AI era? In an AI era armies of locusts could be used as a tool for warfare, causing damage to our crops and even carry micro bombs OR…

In an AI era locusts could be used as a new source of protein, as bombs sniffing cyborg locusts and even as predators of nuclear waste.


The Ninth Plague: Darkness by Gustave Doré


In an AI era? In an AI era whereas it controls the electricity grids we will literally return to the ‘Dark ages’ OR…

In an AI era we could enjoy free electricity. Think of it – FREE ELECTRICITY – what does it really mean to the Global Economy?



Well, the other nine plagues made conditions in ancient Empire of Egypt so harsh that the infant mortality rate skyrocketed and with all of that death and destruction “plaguing” the region, it sure would have seemed to the Egyptians that someone up there was angry at them.

In an AI era? What if AI decides to control the earth total population and put restrictions on birth? OR…

In an AI era we can diminish mortality rates in babies, help couples that can’t have babies and way farther into the future we could send ‘Human seeds’ towards far away galaxies.


So now, are you scared or excited of super intelligent AI?

Well, I am scared and excited! It seems that whatever we and the AI can imagine – we could create.

Will mankind experience again the 10 plagues of Egypt – who knows? What I know for sure is that we must guard ourselves meticulously today in order to be protected from tomorrow’s storms!

Man is born with a free will and man from its nature is also good and also evil. And it is for us to decide how we choose to act. However, those choices we make are complicated and difficult and therefore we must study law books and guide books to help us differ between good and evil and act accordingly – and so do AI needs to.

I will end with the words of Sam Harris as he signs his TED talk: Now, we are in the process of creating a God and NOW would be a good time to make sure it is a God we can live with.

Can we build AI without losing control over it? | Sam Harris

As we join together, forming networks of human concern about the future, we will find the strength and wisdom needed to create a better future for all.

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Originally published in AsiaTrend Magazine

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