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The 2024 Election: America’s Jewish Voter, Ten Observations

With only 142 days to the 2024 election, here are some emerging developments regarding the campaign and the Jewish Vote:

The Jewish “Divides” and the 2024 election:  While Jews have been divided in the past around political issues but in this current climate, we see a sharpening of these divisions. The flash points include Israel, Donald Trump, and anti-Semitism. As Jewish voters will try to use this election to express their concerns, desires, and fears. For many voters, this election is a referendum on Donald Trump!

At the Conventions:  We should anticipate later this summer the presence of pro-Palestinian protests in Milwaukee and Chicago, as each party’s convention convenes. These demonstrations could become particularly ugly and disruptive.

Voters that Count: “Not all Jewish voters are equal.” In battleground states, such as Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Arizona, special attention is being paid to Jewish voters. In such states where the outcome will possibly be decided by a few thousand votes, engaging key constituencies will be critical. Jewish voters in these critical states will be targeted!

Political Campaign Fundraising:  Early reports indicate that once again Jews are weighing in financially in support of their political interests and preferred candidates. Whether around abortion, Israel, climate change or a myriad of other issues, Jews are actively supporting specific candidates, their respective political parties, and core issues of priority.

On the Road: Already both parties are galvanizing their Jewish supporters, among others, in reaching out to mobilize trips and ads targeting battleground state voters.

Investing in the Community:  Jewish Republican and Democratic groups are targeting the Anglo-Jewish press to feature ads and possible stories that will reinforce support for their respective party and candidates.

The Message: The two Presidential candidates are expected to issue a series of targeted messages and presentations to Jewish audiences.

Of Concern: Candidates who embrace the Progressive Left or the Far Right will be on the ballot in specific Congressional races and for state and local office. Jews are particularly concerned over such individuals, and as a result we are seeing efforts to embrace their opponents, by raising funds and actively working to secure their defeat.

Overcoming Voter Fatigue: As with voters in general, many Jewish voters are expressing frustration with the choices before them. There is concern on the part of both parties in turning out their committed voters in an election that according to the polls is not energizing the base. This is proving to be particularly true on the Democratic side.  The fact that Jews vote historically in such significant numbers may offset this concern for both parties to some degree. Voting is seen by America’s Jews as an obligation!

Hate and Politics:  With an acceleration of anti-Semitism over the past several years, according to some polls, Jews are expressing some anxiety over both verbal and physical attacks on Jews in connection with these elections or the possibility for anti-Semitic rhetoric being introduced into the campaign during the closing months of this election cycle.

This is one in a series of updates and insights concerning America’s Jewish voters and their stake in the 2024 campaign. See the for additional materials regarding the election story.

About the Author
Steven Windmueller, Ph.D. is an Emeritus Professor of Jewish Communal Service at the Jack H. Skirball Campus of Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion in Los Angeles. Prior to coming to HUC, Dr.Windmueller served for ten years as the JCRC Director of the LA Jewish Federation. Between 1973-1985, he was the director of the Greater Albany Jewish Federation (now the Federation of Northeastern New York). He began his career on the staff of the American Jewish Committtee. The author of four books and numerous articles, Steven Windmueller focuses his research and writings on Jewish political behavior, communal trends, and contemporary anti-Semitism.