Shimon Apisdorf

The 7th of Kristof

Another 7th.

Once again, after five months of day after day after day after day after day after day that feels like one long grinding nightmare, we’re at another 7th.

The 7th of March.

Our 153rd day of waiting in vain for kidnapped and tortured elderly men, women, and children to be returned to what’s left of their burnt, raped, slaughtered, and barely breathing, always choked blue with tears families.

Now, after all we’ve endured, I propose we name this March 7th in honor of a saint.

St. Nicholas.

I propose that we call this day the 7th of Kristof, after the patron saint of Hamas apologia; his loftiness, the esteemed enabler of Jihadi war strategy, St. Nicholas Kristof.

Since our first 7th, Saint Nick has penned 13 New York Times opinion pieces related to the Middle East.

One mentioned the Middle East in its title.

One mentioned the West Bank in the title.

Three had no specific references in the title.

Eight featured Gaza and/or the children of Gaza in the title.

That’s a total of thirteen titles. Three of those also mentioned Israel.

Want to know how many titles used the word hostage? The answer is ZERO.

Yes, from time to time the hostages are mentioned, but clearly what keeps St. Nick up at night, has nothing to do the core issue in Gaza: The ghastly, barbaric, Jihad driven actions of Hamas.

Dear St. Nick

I’d like to remind your readers about a few things that regularly slip through the cracks of your writing.

Let’s begin with four representative excerpts from the Hamas Charter:

  • “Israel will exist, and will continue to exist, until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others.” (Now there’s a saintly plan for a brighter future. Right Nick?)
  • “The slogan of Hamas: Allah is its goal, the Prophet its model, the Quran its Constitution, Jihad its path and death for the cause of Allah its most sublime belief.” (Hamas + Jihad + death = sublime. St. Nick. You good with that?)
  • Hamas believes that the land of Palestine has been an Islamic posession throughout the generations and until the Day of Resurrection … [Peace] initiatives, the so-called peaceful solutions, and the international conferences to resolve the Palestinian problem, are all contrary to the beliefs of Hamas. For renouncing any part of Palestine means renouncing part of the religion …” (So any Jews, anywhere in Israel, and any talk of peace solutions, is a renunciation of Islam. Nick? You there?)
  • We must accord the Islamic [young] generations in our area, an Islamic education based on the implementation of religious precepts, on the conscientious study of the Book of Allah …The women in the house and the family of Jihad fighters, whether they are mothers or sisters, carry out the most important duty of caring for the home and raising the children upon the moral concepts and values which derive from Islam; and of educating their sons to observe the religious injunctions in preparation for the duty of Jihad awaiting them.” (Nick. I’m sure you’re crying for the grotesque death-to-the-Jews suckling and educating of generations of children in Gaza by faithful imams, moms and sisters. Right?)
  • Egypt was largely removed from the circle of struggle because of the treacherous Camp David Peace Agreement. The Zionists are trying to draw others into such agreements. This is high treason, and cursed be he that perpetrates such an act.” (Cursed be the peacemakers. Ohhh Niiiick. You there?)

Let Us Walk in Saintly Footsteps

Let us not judge Hamas, nor the educators and mothers of Gaza by their word, let us consider their actions above all. Again, here are some representative examples of the actions born of Jihadi ideology and education.

  • Hamas soldiers trained – trained!! – for the day when they would invade Israel, gang rape as many women and girls as possible, and mutilate their female bodies when they were finished with their holy, sadistic work.
  • Hamas soldiers trained for the day when they would force parents to watch the murder and beheading of their children.
  • Hamas soldiers trained for the day when they would douse dead Jews with gasoline and so completely incinerate them that even archeologists trained to identify DNA from ancient ruins, could find nothing to identify bodies among the ashes of Israeli homes.
  • Gazan civilians waited for the day when they could joyously follow their heroic soldiers into Israel towns to pillage and plunder Jewish homes, all in the name of an Allah Akbar Jihadi version of the Koran.
  • Hamas soldiers trained for the day when they would put Jewish babies in a kitchen oven and …
  • Hamas soldiers trained for the day when they would drag as many elderly women and young children as they possibly could into the bowels of a vast labyrinth of subterranean dungeons beneath the hospitals, schools, mosques, and day care centers of Gaza.
  • Gazan doctors, nurses, and hospital administrators waited for the day when their buildings that had already been outfitted as weapons storage centers could also be used as Jewish hostage storage centers.
  • UN humanitarian aid workers actively planned and worked together with Hamas before, during, and after Oct. 7th.
  • Gazan civilians waited for the day when they would be honored with hiding captive Jews in their bedroom closets.

Now, St. Nicholas, I have a question for you.

Knowing as you do that all the above is true, and that it all derives from “Allah is its goal, the Prophet its model, the Quran its Constitution, Jihad its path,” how is it that you fail to point this out in your writings? I mean seriously Nick. Thirteen articles, eight of which bemoan the suffering in Gaza, and you couldn’t devote even one to telling the truth about what caused all that suffering? You know very well, as does the rest of the world, that Hamas spent years building a strategy that would force the Jews to invade and lead directly to the death of thousands of Gazans that were purposely positioned as human shields so that they would suffer and die “a death for the cause of Allah,” which is simply “sublime,” and that those deaths would then tug on the saintly heartstrings of Hamas “river to the sea” supporters, enablers, and apologists like those whose outrage you stoke.

St. Chutzpah

And then came your latest piece. #13

Such righteousness.

Such holy indignation.

You spend the first half of On Israel and Double Standards half-heartedly representing what Israelis and Jews around the world think and feel. After pointing out that in 2023 the UN General Assembly adopted twenty-two resolutions condemning the awful actions of awful actors around the world; 15 resolutions against Israel (less than one quarter of 1% of the world’s population) and seven against the rest of the 99.8% of the world, you boldly state that: “Does anyone think that represents evenhandedness?” And after pointing out that waves of atrocities in Sudan have displaced and starved more children than the entire population of Gaza, and that “some of the worst mistreatment of Arabs in years was inflicted by Arab rulers themselves in Syria and Yemen,” and that somehow all this doesn’t seem to animate masses of students on US campuses, you pose the question, “Is there a double standard in global attention [to Israel]? Absolutely.” So saintly of you.

But then comes your punch line. “None of this excuses” what Israel is doing in Gaza where “I can’t think of any conflict in this century that has killed babies at such a pace.”

On this hallowed 7th of Kristof day, let’s be clear:

  1. “Conflicts” don’t kill babies, Hamas trained fighters do. When Hamas soldiers invaded Israel, they invaded with the express goal of killing and kidnapping babies.
  2. “Conflicts” don’t kill babies, Hamas Jihadi strategists do. When, after targeting Jewish children, Hamas purposely uses Muslim children as human shields, the blood of all those children, Jewish and Muslim, drips only from the hands of Hamas.
  3. “This century” is 24years old. But St. Nick, have you forgotten that just last century over one million Jewish children and babies were slaughtered in the name of a different barbaric ideology? Because you see Nick, we haven’t forgotten. And we know that when an ideology arises, particularly a religious ideology like that of Hamas, Iran, Hezbollah, and Islamic Jihad, and when that ideology says that it’s going to annihilate the ancestral home of 7.2 million Jews, we believe them, and respond, in self-defense, just as you will respond when they come for the besainted infidel throats of your family, neighbors, and friends.

Half Right. All Wrong.

In the end, after twelve opinion pieces authored by St. Nick, he got the first half of #13 right. As for the second half, like many a saint before him, he got it all wrong.

# 14: Sinners and Saints, Repent!

To err is human.

To admit one’s error and strive to make amends is almost superhuman.

To do so publicly can be saintly.

Yes, when one errs publicly, and thereby leads others astray, to then repent publicly is to stride into the realm of saints. So Nick, in honor of the 7th of Kristof, how about a public display of truly righteous indignation. Something along these lines:

In your upcoming opinion piece #14, how about putting the word HOSTAGES in the title.

How about saying, or even screaming and demanding something along these lines:

  • “Yahya Sinwar, supreme leader and master strategist of Hamas, Surrender! Lay down your weapons and stop using what you cynically call ‘our people and children’ as human shields! YOU can end this, NOW!
  • “Yahya Sinwar, chief Jihadi and wannabe martyr, FREE THE HOSTAGES, NOW! Unconditionally, no swapping a hundred terrorists for one hostage, nothing! You stole human beings from their homes. You did this not just to torture them and their families, but to torture an entire life-loving, life-embracing, life-affirming nation – the nation of Israel – and you succeeded. Yes, on this front, you won. Your strategy succeeded. You have pulverized the heart of every Israeli. ENOUGH! FREE THE HOSTAGES, NOW!
  • “Yahya Sinwar, supreme leader and master strategist of Hamas, tell what remains of your Jihadi troops to do the same, Surrender! Because the moment they do, the IDF can stop its relentless pursuit of the hostage torturing slaughterers, beheaders, and rapists, and bring what’s left of our grandfathers, children, cousins, and neighbors home. NOW!
  • “Yahya Sinwar, revered religious leader that you are, tell your flock the following: Tell them that in the holy Koran the prophet whose name appears more than any other, more than Muhammad himself, is the prophet Musa: Moses! And tell them of that prophets’ rallying cry: LET MY PEOPLE GO. NOW!
  • “Yahya Sinwar, religious scholar and role model that you are, tell your people how the Koran recounts the giving of the Ten Commandments to the prophet Musa, and tell them that YOU have violated thou shall not steal – when you stole children – and thou shall not murder – when you trained your soldiers to slaughter, decapitate, and incinerate innocent mothers and fathers – and thou shall not lie – when you said this is about occupation and not annihilation – and thou shall not covet your neighbors wife – when you called upon your brave warriors to rape and mutilate the wives and daughters of their neighbors.”
  • “Yahya Sinwar, for once, use your charisma and position to do the right thing: Stop trying to rally the entire Muslim world to Jihad; stop trying to unleash the Iran-Hezbollah-Hamas-Muslim Brotherhood axis of genocide against the Jews, STOP, NOW!
  • “Yahya Sinwar, for once, use your platform, your soap box, and your words to tell the truth. NOW! And with you as a saintly example, I might be inspired to do the same.”



In memory of our son’s best friend, David Newman, whose cold-blooded murder on October 7th made the Jihad butchers and their proud families celebrate.

In honor of David’s still recovering fiancé; beautiful, precious Noam, who, despite being shot, escaped rape by hiding silently beneath a pile of corpses.

Dedicated to all the soldiers; young, middle-aged, and even old. Men and women. And to their spouses, children, and families. Because without them, the rest of us are mere prey for the Jihad driven sadists of Hamas, Iran, Hezbollah and all the other happy-go-lucky decapitators that roam the Middle East.

Recognizing Soldiers Save Lives, a remarkable effort launched on October 8th by five guys who quit their jobs to bring plane loads of life-saving gear and humanitarian aid to Israel. Because when you rush into a war zone to find your missing friend and his fiancé, and all you find is a body, that’s what you do.

Am Yisrael Chai.

About the Author
Shimon Apisdorf is the founder of Operation Home Again, the first organization solely devoted to community-based Aliyah. He has also authored ten books that have sold over a quarter million copies and have won two Benjamin Franklin awards. The Apisdorf's made Aliyah in the summer of 2012.