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The 9 Keys to a Successful Real Estate Purchase – Part 1

Finding the Right Place

“Location, location, location” is probably the most well known – and clichéd – rule in the real-estate industry. Is it true – and what does this phrase mean anyway?

A home’s location is one of the biggest determining factors in its desirability – and in whether a property will increase or decrease in value. What’s often overlooked, though, is whether that “location, location, location” is in fact good for you. Even if a place is perfect on paper, do you actually want to live there?

When searching for a neighborhood, the single most important element is whether it meets the needs of your lifestyle. Sounds simple enough, right? But there are many aspects to examine: Is there a shul (or shuls) you feel comfortable davening in? Are the schools in line with your chinuch goals? Are the area residents people you would want to build relationships and socialize with? Are there easily accessible amenities, like grocery stores, medical facilities, and so on? What’s the atmosphere like? Do you enjoy a suburban setting, maybe even with a view, or do you prefer the round-the-clock action of a fast-paced city environment?

Though these questions may sound obvious, your answers to them form the foundation for your basic contentment, security, and wellbeing in any location. Visiting different neighborhoods and speaking to people who live there, davening in the shuls, and even just stopping by the local parks and shops can familiarize you with a neighborhood’s atmosphere. Speaking to both long-term residents, as well as people who moved in more recently, can help you get a feel for what the neighborhood was – and what it’s becoming. Additional features to look for are the accessibility and convenience of public transportation and/or parking; the overall aesthetics, upkeep, and cleanliness of the neighborhood; and how noisy (or quiet) it seems to be.

After you get a feel for a place, it’s easier to figure out what your highest priorities are. What makes a place feel like home? What factors are non-negotiable? What delineates the lines you will not cross? As the saying goes, you can’t have everything you want – but you can have the things that really matter to you.

Though it may sound overwhelming to speak to so many people and visit so many places, this hishtadlus is essential before you start looking at (and potentially falling in love with) apartments. In Eretz Yisrael, neighbors play a very big role in a family’s life, as the population density is high and people are living in close quarters. This holds true even in many places where people are purchasing villas or single-family homes, which are often situated much closer together than they would be in America or Europe. So do your homework!

Of course, if you’re looking to buy property solely as an investment, “location, location, location” also holds true. It’s just that what makes that location ideal is a bit different: you’ll want to seek out a neighborhood that has a high – and growing – demand for rental properties. It’s also a good idea to research the other building and development taking place in that area. Will the market soon be flooded with other rentals? Or is there a lockdown on new construction, meaning that every piece of existing property is absolutely precious?

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a forever home or a forever investment, enlisting professional assistance from a knowledgeable real estate group or a brokerage firm, like The Getter Group, is the way to go. Experts can give you an inside scoop – and an outside perspective – on what’s really happening in any given real estate market, especially in a place like Eretz Yisrael, where being “in the know” is of prime importance.

Mr. Shia Getter is an authority in real estate and buyer protection in Israel. He founded The Getter Group to help homebuyers secure their interests and avoid pitfalls when buying in Israel. Enlist the experts. Contact The Getter Group today at 718-473-3950 or via e-mail at Mr. Getter will be visiting New York and New Jersey from January 13-16. Be in touch to arrange an appointment.

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Shia Getter is known in Israeli real estate circles for “the man with common sense.” Having moved to Israel 12 years ago, Shia understands what rough experiences many people not used to the local ways of doing business can get entangled with. His company, the Getter Group, is Jerusalem’s #1 sales and brokerage services company, and trusted source of information, ensuring clients get the right investment, covering their bases and checking that they are getting full value and security for their hard earned money.