Marc Goldberg
Marc Goldberg

The 9/11 yet to come

It starts with a really simple idea.

You’re oppressed. You’re oppressed by a conspiracy you didn’t even know existed. A conspiracy in the media, in the government, in the military, everywhere.

It’s a conspiracy to keep you down. To keep the Muslims down, to keep the Muslims at war, to kill people like you and take away your voice, to humiliate your people and keep you at the bottom rung of Western society’s ladder because they don’t want you here.

They want to oppress you.

This is a conspiracy that is killing your brothers and sisters all over the world. And you have an obligation, an Islamic obligation to fight it!

And you can fight it. You can be a warrior for your people and throw off the mantle of the oppression imposed upon you by the kuffar, non-believers.

This is the mindset of volunteers to al Qaeda, to ISIS, to al-Muhajiroun, and Hizb ut Tahrir, this is the ideology that takes pissed off Muslims dabbling in petty crime and set adrift in society and transforms them into Muslims with a reason for being. It starts on the streets of London, Paris, New York and ends with suicide bombs and planes flying into towers on those same streets. It’s THE ideology powering death all over the world. It is the ideology the infamous Anjem Choudary spent years peddling and now is sitting in jail over.

It is the ideology that has seen thousands of people leave their lives behind and run to Islamic State.

It’s the ideology that fights against deradicalisation efforts and revels in attacks on Western forces around the world. It’s the ideology that uses the freedoms provided by democracy and secularism in order to destroy those very concepts.

So the real question is not how do we feel about 9/11, it’s have we done enough to combat Islamic radicalisation to prevent another one?

About the Author
Marc Goldberg is the author of Beyond the Green Line, a story his service in the IDF fighting through the al Aqsa Intifada