The A-ADL coma is over?

This morning Jonathan Greenblatt, the national director of the Aiding and Abetting Defamation League published an Op-Ed in Time magazine condemning a number of incidents of late that were deemed anti-Jewish in progressive activist circles. I would like to first, for a change, congratulate Greenblatt on making a correct observation. However, quickly after reading through his statements it has become clear that it is one more display of symbolic righteous indignation that lacks a real trajectory or goal. It’s just more of the same trend of Greenblatt and his organization not representing you, but representing him.

I described the A-ADL’s laser-like determination to aid CNN as its bloodhound and jury in the case of the now immortal “HanA**holeSolo” in a previous post. [Note in the previous post I called them the Defending Defamation League. I’ve found that that’s not enough of a legalistic phrasing]. Thanks to Greenblatt’s slavish devotion to a corporate media ally, Time Warner owns CNN’s parent Turner Broadcasting System, the most famous organization combating anti-Jew bigotry was sicced on a Reddit user for the mere crime of sharing a joke meme that lampooned the network.

So Greenblatt probably saw fit to use Time Warner’s other internet/print news source, the prestigious Time Magazine, in order to make the appearance of providing a counterbalanced reprimand against the Left. It doesn’t even come close to striking a balance though. Whereas Greenblatt was eager to use the full might and glory of his cohorts to attack an internet troll as if he was a coke lord on Miami Vice, in this bizarre statement he simply gave lukewarm protests against events and persons that are already well-known and in fact he actually handles them with kid gloves:

The Chicago Dyke March organizers that expelled three gay Jewish women in June from their event due to the display of Jewish symbolism on their flag.

The Movement for Black Lives AKA Black Lives Matter groups for their broadening of their policies to include anti-Zionism in their agenda.
The statements of Linda Sarsour claiming that Zionism is incompatible with feminism.

However, towards the end of his op-ed, rather than reveal the total toxicity of all three of those groups or people, Greenblatt made limpid statements about how the A-ADL has goals that dovetail with all of them. Here he does so with BLM: “However, we find common cause with many in the BLM movement around the quest to achieve educational equity, end the school-to-prison pipeline and stop the use of excessive force and the killing of unarmed African Americans by some in law enforcement.” Similarly he talks about how the A-ADL worked to fight HIV/AIDS discrimination and promote gay marriage, and has fought the Trump travel restriction policies that are mislabeled as a “Muslim Ban” by partisans such as him.

So I am going to step up and do the job that the A-ADL has failed to do until now. These organizations and the movements that they serve are a rot on our civil society as Americans, let alone as Jews. The A-ADL disgracefully objects to Ms. Sarsour’s statements on Zionism while in the same breath ignoring the fact that it endorsed her “Women’s March” in January as part of its alliance with other elements of the anti-Donald Trump resistance. This is in spite of Sarsour’s despicable statements that she would like to take away the vagina of ex-Muslim women’s rights advocate Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Somali woman that had undergone female genital mutilation. Hey Jonathan, where have you been hiding. Linda Sarsour also made the news last week for stating on video the need that her resistance be considered as a Jihad by Allah. That should have been the lead topic in Greenblatt’s statement, but since it was one that is a much more generic threat against America and not just Jews, the A-ADL has not released any public statements about this incident. In a statement condemning her commencement speech at CUNY in May, A-ADL did address her BDS support, but also attacked the citizen activists that showed up to protest her!

As for Black Lives Matter, Greenblatt’s statement of qualified support comes on the heels of the murder of NYPD officer Miosotis Familia by a former mental patient. Familia was a mother of 3 and a Dominican American (some people like to split hairs and call them “People of Colour”). BLM has openly endorsed and called for violence against police officers of all races. As someone who personally is not particularly a supporter of the police, I still recognize that this type of inflammatory approach to police-citizen relations will lead to more deaths, not more saved lives. First of all, the BLM protest movement has caused a retreat of cops from many sensitive neighbourhoods thereby enabling street criminals to reign uninhibited in cities like Chicago and St. Louis. Second, those police officers that are in the field are now at an added alert level as they fear violent attacks like those that murdered Officer Familia. Even after interviewing a local organizer of BLM in April, and I will admit he made a favourable impression, it was obvious that his movement’s solutions to reforming police are not even worthy of being called pure theory — they are vague fantasies. Most importantly, BLM is not interested in coexisting with organizations of diverse opinions, least of all a Jewish organization like the A-ADL. In May, a BLM-affiliated movement at Washington’s Evergreen State College harassed and bullied a Jewish biology professor that refused to abide by one of their anti-white directives not to come to school one day. The A-ADL has not issued a single statement concerning this incident of campus anti-white violence notwithstanding the fact that the most visible victim was also Jewish, and that other minority students have been bullied into complying. Also, the school itself has been effectively commandeered by the black identity enforcers creating a real-life Lord of the Flies scenario.

Finally, the Dyke March organizers as I stated in a previous edition, could care less about the A-ADL’s prior contributions to the broader gay movement. Their hostility towards Jews is not new, as in Jan. 2016 a similar outburst expelled members of the same lesbian Jewish group “A Wider Bridge” from a forum preceding the Chicago pride events.

Greenblatt probably knows the motivation for all of these incidents, he simply lacks the courage to address it as a man: These are rebels looking for a cause, eternal complainants. I ask you, the casual reader, what exactly is the purpose of a Dyke March in 2017 Chicago? This is a city where children must be escorted to school due to the propensity of gangland murders, yet these protesters, the majority not even female or lesbian, saw fit to march against immigration restrictions and in favour of intersectional feminism. They don’t want to address real problems that make them uncomfortable, so they invent and compose from scratch new ones that create imaginary enemies in people that they seek to make uncomfortable.. It’s the left wing’s answer to Manifest Destiny. And rather than serving as an independent critic of their nonsense, Greenblatt prefers to offer the shield of token criticism.

Administer the novocaine . . . this one’s not worth waking.

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