The “A” word with Dry Bones

Yaakov Kirschen uses cartoons to fight the “A” word.”

Anti-Jewish prejudice, better known as anti-semitism, has been around as long as Jews have existed. Opinions critical of Jews were recorded in ancient, Egypt, Greece, and Rome.

Yaakov Kirschen believes that the word has lost its meaning and therefore should be changed to the “A” word.

If you ever doubt the power of cartoons, then just recall how several European cartoonists ignited protests around the world with their depiction of the prophet Mohammed. If you step a little further back you’ll find that Marie Antoinette who was ultimately a victim of a very effective cartoon campaign.

The following is my interview with Yaakov about the “A” word on the Context podcast:

The “A” word with Dry Bones – Yaakov Kirschendrybones profile image

The following is a clip of Dr. David Neiman on historic anti-semitism:

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