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The Abraham Accords: Enabling Dialog and Inclusiveness

Cover of the book published by the author on December 2021
Cover of the book published by the author on December 2021

This is the title of my latest book. It contains a transcription of a round table with a delegation of “Sharaka”, held by the Jewish Federation of Sacramento, California, last November 11th. Sharaka is an organization of young leaders from the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Morocco and Israel. It was founded following the Abraham Accords in 2020, to foster cooperation between Israel and the Arab world (“sharaka” means “partnership” in Arabic).

The book is ideal for inclusion as Recommended Reading for discussion in “Ethnic Studies” courses at K12 schools and at the California State University campuses, which – according to a new Californian law passed this year – became required courses for graduation.

These conversations about the Abraham Accords in K12 schools and colleges became particularly relevant in light of the call by the San Francisco Teachers Union and some chapters of the Los Angeles Teachers Union to Boycott and BDS the State of Israel. These are the two largest teacher unions in California. Furthermore, the curriculum of the K-12 schools in California is lately being radically changed under the pressure of the proponents of the “Critical Race Theory.” In the new curricula, Jews appear as part of the class of “white people” oppressing the indigenous “people of color”, who should repent for their “whiteness” if they live in the US, and should be boycotted if they live in Israel.

These “teachers” are singling out the Jews, and demonizing them as a whole, as the people on Earth worth of condemnation. They erase Jewish history; the perspective of the Jews is not heard in class and only a one-sided view of the Israeli-Arab conflict is presented. Teachers are supposed to provide a balanced perspective to their students, let the two sides of a conflict present their case, analyze the subject from multiple points of view and let their students think and come to their own conclusions. All this is missing. These “teachers” are not teaching: they are indoctrinating [See Reference 1].

This is why the book should be included as Recommended reading in K12 schools: this perspective of fostering dialog, reconciliation and inclusion should be heard too, and not erased nor silenced.

The book can be read and downloaded for free at:


[1] Jaime Kardontchik, “Boycott of Israel is Wrong: How to fight it”, book published on June 2021. This book can be downloaded for free from the same website as my latest book. It is also available at Amazon.

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Jaime Kardontchik has a PhD in Physics from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology. He lives in the Silicon Valley, California.
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