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The absolute best photo extensions for iOS8

A fancy new iPhone needs top software to put out its best results
'You want me to do what?' (iPhone image via Shutterstock)
'You want me to do what?' (iPhone image via Shutterstock)

Technology has allowed us to create, edit, and share moments like never before. Visual media is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to communicate, and it’s easy to see why.

When you want to share what you see with friends who are faraway, taking a photo and sharing it with them is the best way to connect with them so they can see exactly what you do.

However, photos do more than capture moments – they allow us to share pieces of our life. With the introduction of extensions for iOS8, there’s good news for photo lovers – we’ve seen some of the coolest editing options yet. We’ve collected our favorite so you can download the absolute best photo extensions for iOS8 – enjoy!



Anyone who has used Afterlight knows what an incredible app it is – so we’re sure you will be excited about the new extension! It’s one of the top photo editing apps for good reason – it packs a huge punch with almost every editing tool you could ask for.

For those who aren’t in the know, Afterlight allows you to do more than just edit photos and add filters, you can correct them, add textures, and use a host of enhancing effects including midtones, saturations, and more. Make every photo picture perfect with the incredibly powerful Afterlight photo editing extension.



Sharing multiple photos and videos allows you to tell a more complete story. While there are many great apps and extensions for creating photo collages and slideshows, sometimes you want to add a bit more personality in how you share. That’s where Slidely comes in. This awesome extension allows you to create slideshow postcards – complete with music to make a soundtrack to your life – so you can create, customize, and share up to 15 photos and videos at once. It’s extremely easy to use and well designed, so within moments of downloading you can create a beautiful, customized Slidely from your favorite photos and videos. You can also add stickers, like the seasonal Halloween ones available now, to create holiday postcards.



Twist up your photos with Fragment! One extension that has been garnering a lot of attention is Fragment, and after we tested it out we could see why. Fragment allows you to flip and twist your photos around with plenty of cool effects. You can choose from one of the effects or layer them to make completely insane photos. Turn your photos into beautiful kaleidoscopic visuals with this unique way of editing pictures. You’ll truly see your pictures like never before as you move them around in magnificently trippy ways. And don’t worry about messing up – Fragment allows you to go back to the original so you can erase any changes you don’t like.

We hope you enjoy playing around with these new apps, and let us know what you think. There are plenty of other awesome photo extensions available for the new iOS, what are some of your favorites?

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