The Alzheimer’s Generation

It’s time to WAKE UP!

Yesterday at 7:01 am, 4 Jews were brutally murdered and 8 more severely injured while praying the morning service in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Har Nof.

Instead of discussing the entire situation and order of events again, I believe we must focus on one underlying issue – all Jews are Jews.

One of the bystanders, who was not at the synagogue during the massacre because he overslept, stated that he couldn’t understand why they attacked this synagogue? “This is a yeshiva community. Ninety percent don’t serve in the army. We’re not violent”

What a fool!

The enemy does not care who you are or what you do in life, if you are a Jew, they will try to kill you. Brutally.

How sad it is that just under 70 years after the end of the Holocaust, in a world where survivors are still sharing their firsthand accounts of the unfathomable atrocities, this generation forgets, or maybe more correctly, denies. I sometimes wonder which is worse.

In addition to the above quote, I read a comment on one of the articles about the heinous crime committed yesterday calling for all of the secular Jews to be left out of this religious war with the hopes that all of the fighting stays contained inside Jerusalem – far from the prized Merkaz (center of Israel).

How stupid and oblivious can this generation get?! The weaker and more fragmented we get, the easier it is to continue poaching innocent lives.

To the “yeshiva community” member I want to ask, who came to kill the terrorists? Who came to treat the wounded and carry the bodies of the innocents murdered in vain?

To the highly educated and worldly secular people wishing to distance themselves from the radical religious war I want to ask, of what religion are you?

To all Jews I want to remind you that Hitler did not care what your profession was or where you lived. He also did not care one modicum whether you had payos (sidelocks) and a black hat on your head and lived in a shtetl (small village) or had multiple degrees and declared yourself an atheist and lived in the heart of Berlin. Today the enemy does not care if you live and pray in Har Nof, are a soldier and find yourself travelling at the Hagana train station in Tel Aviv, are a 26 year old female student living in the Gush and waiting at a hitching post, are someone just waiting to catch a local train inside Jerusalem, are visiting a Jewish museum in Belgium or attending a Jewish elementary school in Toulouse, YOU are their target. They will stab you, shoot you, take an ax to your face, run you over, or do whatever else it takes.

This is our time to stop making it easier for them. Stop being so fragmented. Times of trouble and war are usually known for uniting the nation. However, the only unity seems to be in the way the enemy looks at us. Hitler would be proud.

About the Author
Chaim Seligman is a Law student at Bar-Ilan University, President of the BIU Model UN Society and works in the University’s External Relations Department; Originally from Florida, Chaim now lives in the Merkaz and enjoys life as a student in the Jewish Homeland; Chaim’s true passions are Israel and the Jewish Nation’s eternal success.