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The American and Israel Flags

The Spiritual Connection between the American Flag and Israel Flag

Each tribe in the camp of Israel had a flag.  All nations in the world have a flag.  Today there is even a flag in the Jewish world called the Moshiach Flag of Lubavitch Chabad which is a symbol that the time of the Messiah is very close.

The American Flag consists of thirteen equal horizontal stripes of red top and bottom, alternating with white with a blue rectangle in the canton (referred to specifically as the union) bearing fifty small white five pointed stars arranged in nine offset horizontal rows.  The fifty stars represent the fifty states of the union.

The Israel flag is white with a blue Magan David also called Star of David in its center. Blue is the color of heaven where there is mercy and freedom. On earth it is difficult to find these attributes especially the attribute of Shalom which unites material and spiritual life.

The choice of the design of the American Flag and the Israel Flag was made by its founders.  Both nations are a democracy. Both nations have in their law Freedom of Religion, and other freedoms. Freedom is related to the attribute of mercy.  Mercy allows opposition even for its enemies to speak out against it.  In America on Independence Day members from the Communist Party burned an American Flag on the lawn of the White House while President Trump was giving his message to the Union. Burning a Flag in America is allowed as an expression of freedom of speech.

Israel law will not allow anyone to burn an Israeli flag.  President Trump proposed to make a law jailing anyone who burns an American flag. Israel recently passed a law to hand out harsher punishments to those that burn Israeli flags.

In America even burning of holy books is protected by the 14th Amendment. Freedom in America goes to a greater extreme than in Israel.  Israel will not allow the burning of any holy texts of any recognized religion in their land. America needs to learn from Israel about the extent of freedom which should be permitted.

Also in America it is easier than in Israel to obtain a gun permit. America has more than ten times the amount of homicide using guns than any other nations in the world.

A flag is less sacred than a holy book but a flag also has holiness attached to it.  Where as the Law of the biblical nation of Israel the Torah is sacred and cherished by the Jewish people, democracy and its constitution has less holiness.  The holiness of a Democracy is the holiness of freedom.  Freedom is not something that can be written on parchment. It is intangible.  The Flags of Israel and America are flags of freedom which have Biblical roots.

The American flag has fifty stars inscribed in white on a blue surface.  It also has thirteen stripes.  In Kabballa is learned that the number fifty is connected to freedom.  The word for freedom “exodus from Egypt” is mentioned fifty times in the Torah.  The Torah was given on the fiftieth day after Exodus on Passover night. Jews count forty nine days called the “Counting of the Omer” which is seven weeks before the holiday of Shevuot connected to the giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai.

The thirteen stripes on the American flag corresponds to the thirteen attributes of mercy which were revealed to Moses in Exodus after the event in Jewish history of the worshipping of the Golden Calf. Jews each day in many synagogues recite the thirteen attributes of mercy in prayer after the Amidah prayer. Before Rosh HaShannah during the month of Elul in the Selichot service is recited the thirteen attributes of mercy many times and also on Yom Kippur. God should always have mercy on Israel and the world.

The American Flag has in it two aspects of mercy and freedom which are the number 50 and the number 13, fifty stars and thirteen stripes.  These white five point stars are also planted on a blue surface.  The color blue is also used in the Israel flag.  Blue is the color of the heavens. In the heavens there is more mercy than on earth. Heaven is called mercy in the Kabballa.  Earth is called justice. You need mercy and justice to make a nation. America and Israel democracy has more mercy than in other nations.

The Star of David on the Israel flag is symbolic of the unity of mercy and justice, heaven and earth.  Abraham is called the aspect of kindness. Isaac is called the aspect of strictness Gevurah. Our father Jacob represents the attribute of mercy called Tiffereth.  Freedom is connected to mercy. In history there have been nations which were dictatorships.  The Kingship of David was a theocracy.  Mercy and freedom was limited by the statutes of the Torah.  The main freedom for the Jewish people is in the learning of the Torah like the sages teach “there is no free man only the one who learns the Torah.”  There is mercy, justice and freedom in Judaism.  However Judaism is not a democracy.

America and Israel are brother nations living in a free world. Their flags were not designed by Kabbalists but in their flags are great Kabballa esoteric secrets.  The purpose of these two nations and for all of mankind is to discover these secrets in their own lives and to reach spiritual freedom which is described by the prophet Isaiah, “the whole world will be filled with the knowledge of God like the water cover the sea.” Everyone wants freedom.  Freedom is a gift from God like the Torah given on the fiftieth day is called a Gift from God.  The obligations of life restrict freedom but they are important.  Each person has to accept these obligations and also his religious national obligations which are in Torah law, but also live in the light of freedom and mercy. Peace is the name of God.  It is a goal for every human being to be artisans of peace.

President Trump looks at the nation of Israel to learn more about freedom.  He can learn from Israel Gun laws, restrictions on freedom about burning of flags and holy books, bravery of Israeli soldiers, and to know the connection of America to the Bible.  Israel needs America and America needs Israel. Freedom is essential today and is the vessel of World Peace. Every Jew has a place in the Modern State of Israel and also in its biblical roots. Freedom needs religion.  It also needs Freedom of Religion.

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