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The American Liberators’ Memorial vote, July 3, for Buchenwald – cancelled…


The Am. Liberators’ Memorial at Buchenwald – Will the Germans approve it July 3? DK

July 2, 2019, the International Scientific Board of Trustees canceled the long-anticipated vote to consider approval of the first-ever Memorial to the American Liberators of the notorious Buchenwald Concentration Camp.

Early in the day, a very strong article appeared in the Thuringische Landeszeitung, reflecting German and international support for the Memorial effort.

Regrettably, for unknown reasons, the vote is delayed until November.  If approved in November, there will be almost no time to fabricate and arrange for a proper dedication by April 11, 2020, the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Camp by American Armed Forces.

“Dear Jerry Klinger,

Thank you very much once again for all your documents with which we were able to prepare well for tomorrow’s meeting of the Board of Trustees.

Unfortunately, I have to inform you that the meeting was postponed at short notice from 3 July to 7 November 2019 for completely different reasons, which have nothing to do with your concern. I am very sorry for the short-term nature of the announcement.

This does not change the situation. Unfortunately, the international scientific board of trustees will not be able to make its decision until November.

Yours sincerely

Rikola-Gunnar Lüttgenau”

If approved in November, despite the improbable amount of time left to prepare, every effort to finally give the American Liberators’ their Memorial will be made.

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Jerry is the president and founder of the Jewish American Society for Historic Preservation, He is the son of Survivors of Buchenwald and Bergen Belsen. He is a former Yeshivah student and served with the IDF in the Sinai. He is the author of hundreds of articles in publications ranging from the Jerusalem Post to the Prairie Connection to the San Diego Jewish World. Jerry is frequently interviewed on T.V. and Radio about the American Jewish experience. The Jewish American Society for Historic Preservation has completed projects in 43 US. States and in 8 countries. Over 7,000,000 people annually benefit from one of JASHP's efforts. JASHP has completed over 25 projects in and for Israel ranging from the restoration and preservation of the disgracefully deteriorated grave site of Shlomo Cohen, the composer of the Hativah, to the S.S. Exodus and more. November 29, 2022, Netanya: JASHP completed the first-ever historical memorial to the central birthing event of the modern state of Israel - the U.N. Partition Resolution. JASHP is presently working towards another first for Israel, a tribute sculpture honoring the Women of the IDF.