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The Angel on Earth Who Saved 750 Lives in the October 7 Massacre

Iris Davidian. Ayelet Raymond. Rami Davidian
Iris Davidian. Ayelet Raymond. Rami Davidian

As someone passionate about advocating for Israel, I had the opportunity to witness firsthand the impact that the tragedy of October 7 had on the Jewish community while living in the USA.

Those days forever changed the lives of Jews around the world, and it has been my privilege to utilize my social media platforms to spread the truth and support Israel’s charitable causes, particularly in honor of the survivors of the Nova Festival massacre.

Last week, the Falic family from Florida, who are known for their generous support of Jewish life in Israel and settlements, organized several fundraising events for survivors of the Nova Festival.

Rami Davidian, a 58-year-old farmer from Moshav Patish, an Israeli farming community near the Gaza Strip, showed incredible bravery by risking his life to save hundreds of people while driving tirelessly back and forth. His selfless actions make him a true hero.

In another incident, Davidian received a distress call from a terrified girl hiding under a tree. With quick thinking, he instructed her to stay on the call while he drove towards her location. He continuously honked the car horn to help her pinpoint his approach until he finally found her. Shockingly, the girl turned out to be sitting among five terrorists. With remarkable wisdom, Rami shouted at the terrorists in Arabic, pretending to be one of them, and convinced them to leave the girl unharmed as more gunmen approached. Thankfully, the terrorists believed he was an Arab man trying to assist them, and they retreated.

Unfortunately, despite the brave efforts of the Davidian family, tragedy struck their own family. While their uncle was helping to save the lives of others, he sadly discovered that his own daughter, Ofir Davidian, had been tragically murdered by Hamas terrorists. Ofir, an 18-year-old female soldier who had served only four months in the IDF, will always be remembered in our hearts.

When asked about his motivation, Davidian humbly responded, “I never thought about myself. I wasn’t afraid, even if it meant I could get shot or killed. My only goal was to help as many people as I could.” This shows the great courage and determination of the Jewish people.

As we honor the survivors and remember those who lost their lives. 

Let us come together in prayer for the safe return of all hostages and an end to the pain and sorrow endured by the Jewish people. Amen

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Ayelet Raymond is a film and musical director who lives in New York City. She collaborated with young Broadway performers to create the American children’s television show “My Hebrewland.” She is the creative force behind the Kosher Barbie character and social media personality @kosher_Barbie.
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