Dovid Vigler

The anniversary of our Shul related to the reincarnation of our souls

As they stood on the threshold of the Promised Land in the Torah portion, Shelach, our ancestors still didn’t believe that they were actually going to enter it successfully. Despite the assurances of the Almighty, they insisted on sending spies to scout the land. Tragically the majority of the spies, though hand picked by Moses himself, returned with a scathing report of the Holy Land and a macabre prophecy of doom if the Jews should even attempt to conquer her.

Sadly, their lack of faith in G-d led to the decree that that generation would wander in the desert for forty years. Indeed, this is the origin of the term ‘wandering Jews’.

As a community, we too faced our Promised Land June 13th, 2014. It was then that we finally entered our Promised Land when we finally had overcome all the odds that were stacked against us in building our Shul and prevailed to build ourselves a permanent home. From Zoning and Building Permits to the Great Recession and bureaucracy that could make one ill, we persevered through seven long years and refused to stop believing that we would enter our Promised Land. And enter it we did!

On the very same Shabbos where we read of the Jews failure to enter the Promised Land, we celebrate our entry?

This irony is the purpose for which we were created:

The Rebbe revealed to us that our generation today is the reincarnation of the generation that died in the desert. We were all on this earth before, as followers of Moses.

Whilst they failed to believe in G-d (in the Torah portion Shelach) their souls were sent back to this world in order to exhibit their faith in G-d and reverse their error. We are they.

The successful completion of our Shul was proof that we refused to stop believing.

But we’re not done yet.

Our souls were sent here to actually enter the Promised Land. Whilst our community will be making a temporary pilgrimage to the Holy Land this summer, G-d willing, the ultimate goal is to do so on a permanent basis, with the coming of Moshiach. Very soon, when the Moshiach will bring peace and harmony to the world, we will all have completed our tikkun, soul repair, from the error we made in our previous lifetime.

We hold the key. Let it be sooner, rather than later.

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