Dov Ivry

The Atchiconchika Curse

You probably never heard of Atchiconchika curse. It was well known when I was growing in New Brunswick province in Canada. It predicted that in the distant future America would be destroyed by a woman described in great detail who sounds very much like Hillary.

Some say that this was just a hoax dreamed up by the Loyalists, those who lost everything in the Revolutionary War by choosing to remain true to the UK. My city was founded by the Loyalists, penniless refugees who had to rebuild their lives from nothing.

The curse became know in the late 1800s in the hands of a white woman who said that she got it from an old man who identified himself as the last of Atchichonchikas. He claimed to be a shaman. They lived on the same island and she and her brother when they were kids used to go visit him.

One day he told her to come back in a few days with a pen, ink, and paper. He wanted her to record something in her language.

The day came.

I can’t give the details here because The Times Of Israel wouldn’t print it but if you are interested, it’s in my book, “Curse Of The Atchicochinka Tribe Hovers Over US Election.”

But he concluded this way.

I’ll say this in rhyme

The wind will blow ill

It is the end of their time

When America goes to Hell

He told her that you cannot proclaim an effective curse without at the same time offering a blessing. People have free will. No one who stands up and fights can be cursed. But if you give them the option of a blessing at the same time that they are cursed and they reject the blessing and choose the curse, they co-operate in bringing doom down on their own heads and there is no hope for them.

He told her to come back in another week and he would tell her the blessing. But he died a few days later and so she never learned it.

She also said that he spoke only a broken English and she could only hope that she got all his words right.

I looked at this and I think that she made a mistake. The last line should read “When America goes to Hill.”

I’ll say this in rhyme

The wind will blow ill

It is the end of their time

When America goes to Hill

It is true that these two words in this context of the curse, Hill and Hell, are merely two sides of a coin but this names the agent of doom.

Is it possible to guess the blessing? The ancient Greeks might be able to help.

The Greeks got their beliefs from very ancient times and some of the principles they learned were universal.

A key word in their language was “stoicheia,” which meant elements and then the “elements of the cosmos,” or the heavenly bodies, of which there were seven. From there “stoicheia” came to mean the ABCs but more specifically referred to the seven vowels, which were the mystic signs of the planets and even had control over the planets — control over destiny.

From this you can see that if you choose the right vowels you can take your destiny into your own hands.

Let us assume that the effect of the blessing is the exact opposite of the effect of the curse which foresees a woman of feeble mind and decrepit body unable to cope with anything, draining the very life-blood out of the nation while its enemies wax stronger and mightier until finally it passes the point of no return. The opposite of that would be: “Make America Great Again.”

In working with vowels you are limited to a blessing of one word. It would have to be a magic word indeed.

I think I may have figured it out. There are two vowels, which must be part of the preparation for the magic word and if they stand shoulder to shoulder, this can cancel the curse.

I’ll work in capital letters to simplify this.

The first vowel is “I.” That is the guy or gal in the mirror. “I” always comes first and it must initiate the action.

The second vowel is “U.” That is the champion who will arise to make America great again.

The I and the U must stand together to take control of the nation’s destiny.

What do these two vowels need to do, acting together? Win. Because if they don’t win, it means that others will have succumbed to the curse and there is no escape for anyone.

We need a word for “win” where the “I” and the “U” stand shoulder to shoulder.

We have it. TRIUMPH.

It’s not looking good. In order to cancel the curse, you must get the H out of there. There is no way to do that in this alphabet. But fortunately we Jews have at our disposal a more ancient alphabet. You have to write this word in the alphabet of the Jews.

To banish the H from the word in the Hebrew alphabet is very simple. The “ph” as “fay” is the same letter as “pay.” The H vanishes automatically.

Now you are in Hebrew at TRIUMP. The H is still there but invisible and is blocked from re-entering the physical word.

The guy or gal in the mirror is merely a catalyst for the salvation of the nation, and once the “I” has performed its role by making the process happen, you can remove the “I.”

We are left with the magic word that will transform the curse into a blessing.


About the Author
Dov Ivry is from the Maritimes in Canada, born in Nova Scotia, raised in New Brunswick. He worked as a journalist there for 20 years with a one-year stop at the Gazette in Montreal. He's been hanging out in Israel for 36 years, doing this and that, and managed to produce 66 books.