The Ayatollah Cashed In

In one of life’s remarkable coincidences I’ve picked up a new running song that could also be a counter statement to the Iran deal. The lyrics of “I AM” by star DJ Axwell deal with leadership: a world saved from demons and protected from destruction. While I was running in the streets of Berlin and listening to this song, the disastrous news from Vienna was announced.

An entire world community — with leading democracies at the forefront — willingly surrendered to a violent Islamist dictatorship. Yes, it is true that 6,000 centrifuges are better than 19,000. It is also true that lower enrichment of uranium is better than higher. We can play this game for a minute, but once the rest of the paperwork is done this deal remains what it was from the beginning: a Pariah state with all its destructive forces has been brought back into the community of nations. And the cherry on top of this appeasement is that Iran’s regime will be treated in a historically very short amount of time like Germany and Japan.

Pundits and politicians around the world are wondering what all of this means. Let me break it down for you: Peace for the clerics, arms for the IRGC, cash for the Basij and nukes for Khamenei. Is anyone really surprised that he’s dancing? The Ayatollah cashed in — massively.

Iran’s regime is now accepted as a de facto nuclear threshold state. Let that sink in for a moment. Are you asking yourself what this will mean for the US and Iran down the road? Take a look at American – Pakistani relations. Meanwhile, a nuclear arms race of gigantic proportions is on its way in the Middle East. Israel’s security is being threatened heavily, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states have been stabbed in the back. No wonder the butcher Assad praised this deal.

What really should have been on the table when dealing with the Iranian regime — human rights abuses, regional and global meddling, terrorism and its medieval ideology — never was. The Obama administration is so desperate to get out of an alliance with Saudi Arabia that in its shallowness they thought to embrace an Iranian Islamist regime. Thank John Kerry for that. Needless to mention that this administration is the most anti-Israel since Jimmy Carter left the White House. So the Ayatollah won — for today.

Unlike in “I AM” by DJ Axwell, no one is out there to save the world from barbarians, because the leader of the free world just handed the Middle East to a dangerous anti-Persian dictatorship on a silver platter. This catastrophe will be cleaned up one day, but until then the Ayatollah has a carte blanche for every destabilizing idea crossing his deranged mind.

About the Author
Saba Farzan is a German-Iranian journalist and Executive Director at Foreign Policy Circle, a strategy think tank in Berlin.
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