The bad Jew

There’s a certain feeling in the world community that in order to be a ‘good’ Jew, there is certain criteria that must be met.  For instance, to make it into the oh so wonderful progressive elite clubs, where everyone is soooo intelligent and at one with the universe, where you get to sip vegetable tea, and dine on caramel roots infused with new-age raspberry extract, you need to acknowledge certain things.

You must use the word nakba to describe the Palestinian situation, because nothing screams ‘good’ Jew more than saying how bad the Jews in Israel are.  You must completely and utterly accept the Palestinian narrative, because well… that’s what the world seems to believe… and surely surely you don’t want to be different?

To be that ‘good’ Jew you so desire, it is imperative that you must be of the post-Zionism variety, because pride and belief in your country and its right to live is just soooooo last century.  Europe is that shining light we must aspire to, because other than the daily terrorist attacks by Islamic fascists (or as Obama might say uninspired youth), things are great there!

But there are those ‘good’ Jews who have made it and can be accepted into that elite club of nations.  There is Noam Chomsky who says that Israel’s actions in “Palestine” are “Much Worse than Apartheid” in South Africa.  Wow, he sounds ‘good’ indeed!  Or how about Norman Finklestein who has accused Israel of being a “terrorist state” and committing a Holocaust in Gaza.  Welcome to the world, Norman!  And then there’s Martin Indyk, who just the other day, warned Israel that if the new government of Israel after the March elections did not subscribe to essentially the world view of two states, then they should expect UN Security Council resolutions proposed not by the Palestinians, but by the International community.  Martin Indyk also blames Israeli settlements for the failure of the peace talks, not Palestinian incitement, or terror, or Abbas’s accusations of genocide, or Palestinian rejection of any offers…  All of these things make him an exceptionally ‘good’ Jew, because nothing says ‘good’ Jew more than screwing your own people!

But despite my desire to be a ‘good’ Jew and drink vegetable tea with the rest of the elite, I’m sad to say I can’t.  Oh, how I’d fit in and belong, if I’d just give up this fallacy of believing in a Jewish state, but no… I won’t so I’ll remain unwelcomed into the community of nations.

And while authors like Finklestein and Chomsky line up to denigrate the State of Israel, I’ll be arguing the opposite.  And while I might be criticized for being against ‘peace’ by not supporting the Palestinian narrative and the UN view, I’ll respond as any high school student would when not chosen for their netball team:  Whatever!

Because I am bad, baby!  So you better watch out – yeah I’m talking to you!… no sorry sir, not you with the skull tattoo across your face and the ring through your cheek, but the little kid behind you – yeah YOU!

I’m so bad that people cross the street when I walk by, and if someone gives me a stare…then I’ll… walk a little quicker!

Now, I may not don myself in leather, or drive a Harley, and the car seat in the back might say otherwise – but don’t be fooled, because I am bad bad bad!  Bad to the bone…

You see, I’m a bad Jew, because I’ll continue to do the unpopular thing and support Israel in its fight.  I don’t want to be the ‘good’ Jew accepted by the world’s elite.  I want to be the bad Jew who makes the world’s elite cringe.

I will continue to support the Jewish homeland – which remains on the frontline against the Islamic fascism that is lunging at the world’s doors. I will support the Israeli prime minister who speaks out against the terrorist supporting entity of Iran – while the rest of the world seems to be falling over themselves trying to make a deal with it.  And while they may eventually end up waving a piece of paper declaring “peace in our time”, history has taught us that treaties with fascist dictatorships seldom end in peace in any time.

I will also not subscribe to the erroneously and malicious views of the so-called “occupation” of the Jewish homeland, and I will most definitely not demonize the people and the communities who live there.  Should Israel one day give some of their territory to the Palestinians, then it should be their choice giving their territory, not the occupied lands the world want to believe.

And while those oh so modern people scoff at the notion of history and nationhood and tradition, I will continue to embrace them all and show a sense of pride in the history of my people and my nation.

I’ll continue to do all these things, because I’m not the ‘good’  Jew that Obama and the UN and the Europeans want.

I’m the bad Jew – and I’m only getting worse.

About the Author
Justin Amler is a South African born, Melbourne based writer who has lived in South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.