The Barack Obama Incompetency Award

Consider how divisive and polarizing Mr. Obama’s policies have been ever since the American people elected him to office.

On the domestic side, Mr. Obama is dividing America through redistribution of wealth earned by everyday Americans with their sweat and tears and giving it away to the needy, the lazy, and the illegals. Taking from those who can to give to those who won’t is a slide towards oblivion.

Furthermore, his disastrous roll out of Obamacare, his only legislative achievement, has set new heights in incompetency of this Presidency and its negative effects on the economy have yet to be calculated properly.

Then you have the massive debt dividing Americans. All past US Presidents collectively have amassed a $10Trillion in debt and Mr. Obama alone has amassed $7Trillion and still climbing. This factor created singlehandedly the Tea Party Mr. Obama and his supporters are demonizing by calling them terrorists while they call Major Hassan, who killed patriotic Americans in cold blood, a work-related incident. How divisive is that?

The IRS targeting the Tea Party and the Justice Department taping into the communications of legitimate journalists to intimidate while ignoring the law are methods that are practiced often in third world countries like Syria and Iran to divide and conquer their enemies.

The President further divides by injecting himself selectively in societal matters that highlight these divisions based on either race or class warfare.

These are just on the domestic side. Now consider how divided and polarized the world has become ever since President Obama was elected.

The United Nations was never effective as an organization to resolve big problems, but under this weak administration, Russia has abused it to the point of demonstrating a total incapacity to resolve humanitarian disasters of colossal magnitude, which has divided the UN itself into bureaucrats angry over inaction and bureaucrats who are simply happy to cash their checks. For the first time in its history, a country refuses a UN seat on its Security Council.

Because of Snowden, the NSA’s secrets are out. One seems to be eavesdropping on the personal communications of 35 foreign leaders, which angered 35 countries mostly allies. The wedge is so deep they are calling Mr. Obama to confront him personally about a practice happening under his watch. These divisions will not heel fast and will harm US interests in the end.

The Obama’s incomprehensible policy on Syria has split traditional allies in the Gulf Cooperation Council led by Saudi Arabia from the US and has created immense tensions with the State of Israel, yet the President refuses to address Syria skillfully letting it fester and divide further by negotiating with our worst enemies out for our blood.

As a result of this defunct, simpleton approach, do not be surprised to see other countries in MENA chase an atomic program soon. Heck, with their purchasing capacity, even Wal-Mart would be willing to sell them a “Bomb-in-the-box” program.

The President’s policy in Egypt fares no better. The country has yet to recover from its intended Islamization courtesy of President Obama, which again is dividing US allies and causing a deep rift with Israel fearing the opening of a new terror-front.

Add to Egypt the fact that the rest of the Middle East has become a cauldron of Islamism and extremism that would inevitably spill over to Europe and the US, and you have a disaster in the making. France and Britain are so angry with Mr. Obama over his divisive policies and only their civilized manners prohibit them from expressing it publicly. Moreover, Russia is now in firm control of the Middle East and so is Iran thanks to this President who is catering to their whim out of weakness, not strength.

Domestically or internationally, nothing worse could have happened that did not already happen.

This President has surrounded himself with incompetent advisors whose knowledge of foreign policy matters are quite limited, and their domestic policy experience they learned from the mob-style, corrupt politics of Chicago. No matter how competent some of Mr. Obama’s cabinet appointments may be, what use is their expertise if the President vetoes their work based on the advice he gets from the likes of Valerie Jarrett or Denis McDonough.

On Syria, for example, Secretary Clinton and Secretary Panetta advised the President to intervene. He ignored them both and listened instead to Valerie and Denis. Both remain clueless about what they have done. .

Next time a Senator who has voted 128 times “Present” on any legislation puts forward his candidacy to become a President, just remember the era of Barack Obama this country will probably never forget once his term is up because of how divisive it has been.

Now, I am not a historian, nor am I an expert on the lives and achievements of past US Presidents; but if we had an award for the worst President since WWII, my choice is President Barack Obama? Even worse than President Carter who tried but failed. This President thinks he is too smart to try. Just ask Valerie about that one.

In January of 2017, I think we should start The Barack Obama Incompetency Award and its first awardee should be either Valerie or Denis. Sheldon Adelson may be happy to fund it.

I say this is quite merciful considering how the Democrats of Nancy Pelosi treated President Bush and Vice President Cheney during some of the most difficult years the United States has ever faced. Don’t you think?