The bashing of Israel and the hypocresy of many on the European Left

I am literally quite fed up with all the bashing on Israel and Judaism led by Islamic extermists, the hard Left in many parts of the world and even some centre-right politcal figures in Europe especially in Scandinavian countries.  These are my main criticisms of this hyprocresy.

I cannot understand the Left buying into the argument that Israel is a racist state taking into account that precisely the founding fathers of Israel where mostly from the left including Theodor Herzl, Albert Einstein or Golda Meir.  It is thanks to them that a strong secular civil society can coexist with an Orthodox society something unimaginable in Judea and Samaria ( the Palestinian Authority´s control area ).  It even strikes me more that here in Europe the Left ( Socialists and Communists ) are every single month reminding us about gay rights, single parents, women´s  rights etc while at the same time supporting Iran and the P.A hardly anything near to what they defend.  Only in Israel are these rights defended.

The Left also avoids criticizing Islam for the sake of political correctness and they say spreading fear over the population.  Whilst most Moslems I am sure are perfectly sound and good persons there are a few radicals and some so-called moderate Islamic people who have no problem in bashing us as Jews and Israel.  But here in Europe only Judaism and Catholicism are criticised heavily: Islam is spared.  To my astonishment I have just read here in Times of Israel that the iman of Al-Aqsa  ” urges the destruction of Israel “.  I have yet to see any harsh criticism from the Left but I am not surprised; perhaps the Left in its cynicism does not want to lose a few Moslem votes even if it comes from the radical islamists.

We as Jews we are not perfect but what makes us different from Islamic countries is that we dont teach our kids to hate others; we don´t teach our kids to blow themselves up for the sake of a god; we repsect everyone and tolerate everyone.  Everyone in Israel is integrated into society with its pros and cons – as in every country – but the fact is that Israel is the only nation in the Middle East where both Christian and Arab populations grow while in most of the Moslem world Christians leave in fear and are discriminated against as happens with Jews.

So if the only democratic country in the Middle East grants all rights and respects them and if Judaism in contrast with our Islamic neighbours excels as a tolerant religion what on earth is the Left and many centre-right politicians criticising us for ?  Are they blind or are they just bending to political correctness for the sake of money and business ?

About the Author
Born 1967 in South Africa (Port Elizabeth) In 1977 moved to Spain with family and studied primary and secondary school. B.A Honors (Marketing with French) 1990 -1994 in Republic of Ireland. Marketing consultant and languages teacher (2000 - 2011) in UK, France, and Spain. At present involved in 7 start up companies ranging from teaching languages to tourism in Spain. Fluent in Spanish, French, English and Portuguese. Basic Hebrew.