The BDS and its angry young men (and women)

The BDS movement is very angry. Very angry indeed!

And no… it’s nothing to do with climate change… or with the increased cost of housing. It’s got nothing to do with the Black Rhino being on the endangered species list, or the increasing world population. And it’s also got nothing to do with the way those petrol stations give you those stupid discounts if you only buy from one particular designated supermarket.

Nope – they’re angry, because well… things just aren’t going their way…

In America Delta Airlines has added more flights between New York and Tel Aviv as more and more people clamour to go visit Israel, in spite of the BDS’s constant goal to isolate the Jewish State.  So rather than avoiding Israel, it seems more people are trying to get there.

Then there was their celebration of getting American-Jewish singer Matisyahu ‘uninvited’ from a Spanish music festival unless he issued a statement against the State of Israel.  Their ‘success’ quickly turned sour as Matisyahu let the entire world know who was behind it.  And once again, the BDS’s motivation was quickly laid bare for all to see – exposing it for the anti-Semitic organisation it is.  Many people around the world were shown quite clearly how Matisyahu was the only artist singled out among all others that was being pressurized into making a statement against Israel.  Now, they can spin it anyway they like, but singling out the only Jewish artist among many… well… quite simply, that’s called Jew hatred.

Then there was the municipality of Reykjavik in Iceland who took the decision to boycott Israel.  They puffed the chests out and thought:  boy, are we moral!  But the applause they had been expecting never arrived and the hail of accolades they thought were due… became undue!  Even Iceland’s own prime minister condemned them.  So the mayor of Reykjavik, Dagur B. Eggertsson, quickly backtracked saying the decision had been ‘poorly prepared’.  He went on to say that the boycott received so much negative criticism because the text was unclear.  He may have a point.  I always find that Arial is a far clearer text than Times New Roman, but that’s just me…  I also thought that municipalities were supposed to deal with roads and taking out the trash.  Well, they can get back on track by taking out their local BDS representatives and throwing them in the rubbish.

Then finally there was a concert in South Africa by Pharrell Williams.  The BDS targeted him because his sponsor was a South African business called Woolworths which has trade ties with Israel.  BDS SA board member Braam Hanekom said Williams would be facing the biggest backlash any artist has faced in South Africa since apartheid days.  Thousands would be turning up to protest – they promised at least 40000 people would be marching against him.  It’s going to be BIG BIG BIG!  You watch … you’ll see…. oooo…. Pharrell is in trouble….  Viva BDS Viva!  Here comes Pharrell and there are the protesters… um….there…somewhere… hello…. anyone there?  Um… this is kind of embarrassing, but the biggest protest of all time, you know the one that would change history, only managed to get… 500.  And something tells me they were probably only there because they got a free t-shirt and a vuvuzela.  But, because the BDS live in a different universe to the rational human being, they said they were very pleased with the turnout.  Yup, BDS Kwara Kekana chairperson was quite pleased about the protest, because according to her, it’s not about the numbers… it’s about the spirit and the wonderful festive atmosphere it took place in.  And why shouldn’t she be happy?  It was a family affair after all I’m sure… there was her, her mother, a cousin, the cousin’s friend, the neighbour’s dog, the guy she met on the street to who she offered a free MacDonald’s burger…  There are also unconfirmed reports she was crying with happiness into her mobile phone (made in Israel) a short while later.

Now, unlike Pharrell Williams, the BDS movement and its miserable men are not very happy.  They’re unhappy because their annoying little fascist group has not achieved the success they so desired to be anointed into the Great Hall of Shame alongside Arafat, Hitler, Mussolini and every other fascist leader that existed.

Sure, they’ll have their little ‘victories’ now and then, but you know what… they’re fighting against the Jewish nation – and when the dust finally settles and they have been tossed out into the dustbin of history – which the Reykjavik municipality will collect – the Jewish nation will still be here.

I know it’s wrong to rejoice in other people’s suffering.  Wrong I tell you.  Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!  But I’d be lying if I didn’t steal a giggle at the BDS this past month.

About the Author
Justin Amler is a South African born, Melbourne based writer who has lived in South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.