The BDS: Damned by their own words….

In a few months, the Israeli based company Sodastream, will no longer have a factory in the ‘disputed territories.’ The announcement (that everyone already knew months ago) was made yesterday by Sodastream CEO Daniel Birnbaum. The BDS will no doubt be claiming this as a great victory for the ‘poor oppressed Palestinian people’ but in reality the move is based purely on a financial decision.  However for just a second (and this pains me to do) but lets hypothesize that the move is indeed prompted by the (piss poor) BDS campaign!  Let us imagine the unthinkable; that the BDS actually managed to achieve something (apart from pushing up trade between the UK and Israel to record levels that is!)

Their gripe with Sodastream is that they are “occupation profiteers” (their words not mine.)  The problem the BDS have with Sodastream has always been about their factory in the disputed territories at Mishor Adumim. (or so we all thought!)  No factory in disputed territories, job done (or so one would think.) Unfortunately in the case of the BDS (whose intelligence and motives have always been ‘questionable’) that is far from the end of this story.  Trust me when I say that in nearly two years of facing the BDS outside the Sodastream shop, Ecostream, I NEVER heard anything from them about anything else but their problem with the factory at Mishor Adumim.   I mean let us face facts, there is nothing else, no further arguments just a huge, hypocritical chip on their (filthy, unwashed) shoulders about Sodastream employing Palestinians in a factory on disputed land

The BDS website makes it very clear “Boycotts target products and companies (Israeli and international) that profit from the violation of Palestinian rights”  No factory at Mishor Adumim, no “violation of Palestinian rights”  The only Palestinians “violated” by Sodastream will be those that are employed (of their own free will) by Sodastream  If all the Palestinian workers decide (of their own free will) to move to the new factory, close to Rahat, that would mean 900 employed Palestinian workers, feeding an approximate 5,000 extended family members. Fantastic everybody wins, poor oppressed Palestinians, the BDS can claim a (false) victory and Sodastream are able to continue saving the planet free of intimidation from protesters (many of whom also want to save the planet, go figure?)

Many expected Sodastream to make its Palestinian workforce unemployed but no, Daniel Birnbaum and Sodastream are making every effort to ensure that they keep their jobs. In fact Mr Birnbaum bravely and quite correctly said “our intention is to retain employment of our Palestinian employees, demonstrating that an Israeli company cares for its Palestinian workers no less that any of its other workers within our family. We are not part of the ugly hate rhetoric preached by the BDS and their supporters.”

So a great victory for the BDS; factory relocated off ‘disputed territories,’ Palestinian workers (that the BDS claim to support) still employed, fantastic, win win!

Oh no not for the vile, hate filled, ignorant, bigoted, low life, bottom feeding, great unwashed, drek of the BDS. Not a chance!

In one tweet, (please see below) only 22 words long, the BDS totally prove that their intentions are not to help the Palestinian cause BUT TO DESTROY ISRAEL!

While there is a country called Israel still on this planet, while 8 million people live in democracy and are free to practice a religion of their choice. While there is a small patch of land in the Middle East that you can be openly gay or be considered an equal irrespective of your gender, the BDS will not rest.   Whilst there is one shining beacon of all that is good and fair and right, while there is still one country in the region that is not gripped in lawless, genocidal, Islamic fundamentalism and slaughter, the BDS will not rest.  FOR AS LONG AS JEWS HAVE A HOMELAND THAT THEY CAN LIVE IN WITHOUT FEAR OF PERSECUTION, INTIMIDATION OR AGGRESSION THE BDS WILL NOT REST!   The BDS’s motives are not born out of a love for the Palestinian people, it is pure, unadulterated, unmitigated, evil, hate for the state of Israel and a Jewish homeland.

Ladies and Gentlemen: the BDS, unequivocally, undoubtedly and without question….anti-Israel and most certainly NOT pro-Palestinian.  Who said so, the BDS themselves!  (and I didn’t even mention the anti-Semitic word!)Screenshot (655)

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Founder of Sussex Friends of Israel over a decade ago in response to local BDS activity. Proud Zionist. Now spends an inordinate amount of time running SFI's social media accounts (which have over 70,000 followers) Anti-Zionism IS antisemitism
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