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The Brand of Milk and Honey Just Got Even Sweeter

A Sderot start-up is teaching the big city entrepreneurs how to tell their stories more effectively
The southern Israeli city of Sderot (Moshe Shai/Flash90/File)
The southern Israeli city of Sderot (Moshe Shai/Flash90/File)

Nowadays, ‘going to work’ means parking yourself near flowing coffee, free WIFI and any available outlet. Marketing is no longer flyers and cold calling, but is all about Facebook fan pages and targeted tweets. In fact, without a Facebook fan page, your company or business, may well not exist. Regardless of what industry, whatever you create on your fan page, from stories to photos, is a reflection of your company’s brand and success.

BOMAH: The Brand of Milk and Honey, a digital storytelling firm founded by Itzik Yarkoni, has identified an implicit need for an online presence, and is empowering businesses and organizations in their unique social media and storytelling strategy. The strategy was born in Sderot, Israel, with ‘a rocket and a dream,’ where Yarkoni spent 6 years empowering the local community to share their stories online through various storytelling techniques, and inspiring the media to take notice.

Itzik Yarkoni, founder and CEO of BOMAH, being interviewed.
Itzik Yarkoni, founder and CEO of BOMAH, being interviewed.

Two and a half years later, BOMAH has joined the Jerusalem startup scene and works out of Siftech. They mentor and train Jerusalem startups such as Breezometer, Repnup, 200apps, Nooba, Webbing, and more, to use storytelling in social media to reach new and large audiences all over the world.  

Having worked with all kinds of businesses and organizations. BOMAH was able to spotlight a common challenge among most of their clients. Not only did clients need to monitor their Facebook fan page, but they also needed to understand how to use it. While it’s great that Facebook provides insights and reporting, the majority of businesses just don’t know how to leverage them.

In response to this need, a sweet and simple new platform was born.

Combining their expertise and Facebook Insights, the new platform simplifies valuable metrics and provides social media reports in a user-friendly way. By creating such a platform, BOMAH will transform how businesses take advantage of social media. By making their proven strategy more accessible to the world, BOMAH is helping clients understand their audience behavior and improving their engagement and reach.

The platform is being developed out of San Francisco and will be launched in June 2016. The BOMAH team is in New York in April to meet with anyone looking for more insight on this new opportunity to leverage their social media .

If you want to be part of the next big thing, shoot us an email and let’s meet: michal@bomah.co

The BOMAH team.
The BOMAH team.
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From NY, Michal Aiash is living in Nachlaot, and experiencing Jerusalem with the Brand of Milk and Honey.
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