The Breakfast Club


After a night out in Tel Aviv, six friends (Jon, Jason, Roni, Andrew, Lea and Ilana) ended up at 10 Eidelson (on Dizengoff 117) for breakfast the next morning. The only remnants of the event were empty plates.

Forget any other breakfast place you have heard about in the Tel Aviv area. 10 Eidelson is it. The prices are reasonable, the portions are generous, and all kinds of goodies find their way to the table in between.

Our group ordered French toast (with fresh fruit), an avocado sandwich, and three “Eidelson Breakfasts” (one with a mushroom and onion omelet, one with scrambled eggs, and one with a sunny side up, all accompanied with a plate of cheeses, red peppers, and olives). All that was left two hours later were the bread crusts.


After returning the menus to our server, a silver bowl full of fresh, warm, brioche, croissants, bread, and cinnamon rolls arrived, and was soon devoured (and met with praise. “This is fantastic,” Jon said). We barely noticed the butter and jam that came with it (though by the end of the meal, I was practically licking the jam out of the dish).

Once the bread bowl had been emptied, our breakfasts were brought out. After the first bite, the conversation waned (the international sign for good food), and didn’t start up again until we had all finished eating our meals, and drinking our coffees (that are included in the price of breakfast, and accompanied with mini cookies).

“Eidelson Breakfast” with a mushroom and onion omelet, and salad
cheeses, tuna, olives, and red peppers that accompany the “Eidelson Breakfast”
French Toast with fresh fruit
Avocado Sandwich







































My luck with good service followed me to 10 Eidelson as well. When only two plates of “breakfast extras” made it to the table, the staff was quick to bring a third (which was important, because the cream cheese was amazing, and I wanted to consume as much of it as possible), as well as more bread, and more syrup.

Once we had our fill, we sat around the table for a while, and weren’t rushed out the door. We didn’t even see the bill until we asked for it, and they didn’t come to collect it until we reminded them (a couple of times).

The Breakfast Club: Roni, Andrew, Jason, Ilana, and Jon
Lea took the picture

As we packed up to go, Jason summed up our experience by saying, “this was a pretty ballin’ breakfast” (and I would have to agree).

10 Eidelson

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