The bright future of Israel

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I just heard on the news that the Islamic Jihad said that the felestinians (as they pronounce it because we all know they can’t say the letter P without it being pronounced as a B) said that they have been “slaves of the Zionists” for way too long and that they will send as many as 1000 rockets a day and more threats. You know. empty threats come at a price. You see, if they really wanted to send a 1000 rockets a day, they would have done so by now. Isn’t that how it works? The thing is that they are such a weak identity that they need to announce and proclaim and show that they have a voice and they are determined and well, we have heard this story since 1948. It is just a sad, pathetic story they keep repeating time and time again.

They are an “all or nothing” type of group, a “black and white with no grey area” group of homo-sapiens. The one big downfall that they have is their pride. Judaism talks about Gaava, Pride, which is something that can reduce a person to rubble because when you have pride, you think you run the world, that this all happens because you made it happen. Arrogance is a synonym here, and this pride plus arrogance leads to destruction. And I think that they are actually afraid. Their anger and violence is in essence according to psychology, just fear. They are afraid. I mean they have lost every war that they have started with Israel and their honor and self-respect is quite shakey and they are afraid of losing their honor more. Even their ridiculous BDS attempts are not so successful, one big flop, fortunately.

One more huge, overlooked factor, is that they are afraid of the God of our forefathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and they are really afraid of what He will do to them and with them, inshallah. You see, the reason they want this land is because they see the miracles that have happened for us because we inhabit this land. They both want this power for themselves and at the same time, they want us to lose the miracles that come from us settling the land of Israel, our ancient homeland. Their fight is ideological, there is no doubt about that. Their ideology stems deeper than having a country of their own or claiming all of Israel, God forbid. They want to to take revenge and to do to us what they claim we have done to them and they want to shame us and see us destroyed, God forbid, or whatever words they use. And while their threats have some backing and their methods are becoming more extreme as they gain momentum and worldly support, it just goes back to what they fear most, looking like fools over and over again.

I think they also fear the IDF. They are using this weak unstable Knesset situation to their benefit because they try to kick us while we are down, but they better watch out when we get back on our feet, Bezrat Hashem. It’s also a weak move to attack while the enemy is in chaos. It shows how powerless they are.

Having a monotheistic religion themselves, they know that G-d is the real judge and that He is the one behind all these miracles. On the one hand they have this fierce drive to reclaim what they think belongs to them, but on the other hand, they are afraid to create real damage because they know G-d’s power. So they speak empty words and continue cursing people spiritually and countries that try to stop them. This mystical Sufi stuff is scary, but our prayers and tefillin create a shield around us and all the mitzvahs we do elevate us and our Land and it is just a spiritual shield against their evil intentions.

I am not writing this to advertise for them and spread propaganda. It is to highlight how crucial it is for us to unite, repent and to turn to G-d and onto a Torah observant, religious lifestyle. Lead a life of morality and of Torah values and G-d will keep us safe and on this land, without having to lift a finger against these flee-stinians. The Parsha of Chukotai talks about G-d’s rath against the people of Israel if they go against His ways and then the blessings that come for us for following the Torah. (I highly recommend reading it, it is really interesting and intense). Let’s all unite as a Jewish People and do as Hashem commands, and bring the Mashiach, quickly and speedily, because we need a bright future for the Holy Land and our precious State of Israel. Our survival is dependent on this, no matter where we are.

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