Nerys Copelovitz

The Calm Before The Storm

It’s an innocent Tuesday, an ordinary day in the middle of the week.  We should all be at work, at school, going about our business; but we are on holiday. Today we vote. Today we decide. Today we make a change. Whatever you vote, whatever the results, there will be change, again.

But for now we enjoy the lull. There is an air of freedom, a hint of celebration. The shopping mall is full of Election Day bargain-hunters, the parks are full of Election Day pick-nickers, the restaurants full of Election Day noshers. Religious, secular, Jews, Muslims, Christians, Druze; we all get to play hooky today, together.

For a moment, we are on hold.  The pre-election atmosphere of division, propaganda, manipulation and back-stabbing has calmed.  Citizens armed with their blue wallets, walk with slow purpose to the schools and community centers to cast their vote in classrooms and sports halls unused to the presence of so many adults. Excitement mixed with solemnity provokes embarrassed laughter and proud decisiveness as we make our choice; our heavy, loaded choice.

Right now we can enjoy the calm before the storm.  Before the hurricane that will sweep us all into a stupor of fury, joy or despair as the results are announced and our hopes are denied or fulfilled.  We can enjoy the moments of harmonious communal endeavor that accompany our democratic choice; for a moment we are united in our purpose.

Tomorrow, we will face the fall out  We will cower and sneer at the undignified scramble to form a coalition, as our consciences are bargained away for a chance of power. Tomorrow we will face the vicious process of recrimination and condemnation as the losers lick their salted wounds and we become, once again, a divided country.

About the Author
Nerys Copelovitz made aliyah from the UK 18 years ago. Her main job in life is being a mother, whilst writing, volunteering and studying in her 'spare time.' She loves many things about life in Israel and aspires to develop the 'chutzpah' needed to be a true Israeli. Check out her writing on
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