The Case For Polandstine (If the Jews behaved like the Arabs)

The millions of Jewish refugees of Polandstine, including children and grandchildren, demand that the UN and International court grant them their own state within the Occupied Polish Territories which will include East Warsaw as the Capital city. These territories, which were filled with over 3 million Polish Jews in 1939, have been illegally ceased and occupied by the Communist regime in Poland and a system of Apartheid has taken place over various stages that violates the Geneva Conventions and UN resolutions. The Polish regime was founded by Stalin to use Communism to take over the world and is the only current occupation of a people and country in the whole world.

Polandstine has always been the homeland of the Jews, dating back over 1000 years since the first Jews arrived there. We demand justice for the 90% of Polish Jews who were murdered in Poland in concentration camps such as Auschwitz and Treblinka. Before World War 2 even began, 150,000 Polandstinians had been killed by the Polish government and there was a national boycott of Polandstinian businesses that was instigated by the Polish Catholic Church.

Jews consisted 10% of the Polish population in 1939 but now number just 0.01% of the Polish population. We demand justice for all of the demoralizing abuse of human rights, such as cutting off the beards of Rabbis, making Jews dance naked, the burning down of synagogues and the systematic starvation of our people. The massacre in Konuichy and the Kielce pogrom must also never be forgotten and historians must revise these two atrocities amongst others. Due to the Polish people’s actions prior to the war, we reject any claims that their actions were simply part of their defensive war against the Nazis.

We want to have our basic self determining rights to be a nation and demand the right of return for all 3.5 million Jews who were expelled illegally from their lands. We require the creation of a division of the UN to deal with only our Human Rights issues. We believe that the Polish settlements that have been built on our land, are in complete violation of international law and demand that the world sees to it that there is a complete freeze on housing construction in the Occupied Polish Territories (OPT).

As such, we will be bidding for an ‘Observer’ status within the UN and seek to file all cases of Polish murders of Polandstinians, which are both hate and war crimes. The massacre of Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto, who were kept in sub standard conditions with a separation wall by the Polish Supremacists also needs addressing and we reject racist claims that there was an uprising by the innocent civilians inside the ghetto. We believe that due to the severity of our suffering ,the UN should impose at least ten times the amounts of sanctions and resolutions on the Polish people than the entire world combined and the severity of our suffering means we should receive more support and media attention than any region in the world.

Polandstine had been in existence for over a millennium before the disaster of 1939 and we have historical evidence that we were expelled from our lands by the Communist invaders. We demand a full statehood of Polandstine and we refuse to recognize Poland as a nation for Polish people. In our state no Christians will be allowed under any circumstances, however we want to make it very clear that we are not Anti-Christian, this is a lie that has been created by influential Polish businessmen in America who have been controlling the entire world since the 17th century. Our national language is Yiddish and we refuse to speak Polish, as this supports the Neo Nazi, Christian, Imperialist, Socialist, Communist, Racist policies of our occupier.

By being granted a state, we do not relinquish our claims to have our property and land returned to us in Poland, as well as full citizenship rights and a compensation package of 100 Billion Euros. Until we have a state we will use free electricity, gas, water and medical services provided by the Polish government and will need unemployment benefits provided by our own UN division.

We demand until that time, that there is a complete boycott of Poland by the Academic world (whether the Academics are left wing or right wing, are based in the Occupied territories or not they must be collectively boycotted)  and that a global campaign is put into place to intimidate and oppress any Christian students at university, especially the Catholic Society.

Any country or company that works with the Polish government is committing a war crime and as such we threaten any entity with legal action and harassment.  We also seek, that no artists, politicians or celebrities visit Poland, or they will be directly contributing to the Polish ethnic cleansing regime. We want this year to be the UN year of Solidarity for the people of Polandstine and will host several anti- apartheid weeks across the world.

We fully support any freedom fighters at this stage that target civilians within the Polish regime. We celebrate any deaths that they may cause and our moral of conduct states that all Polish Christians must be wiped out into the Sea. The only terrorists in this region, are the Polish Occupiers who sit in the homes and businesses we created whilst we hold onto our keys. Anyone who kills a Polish person using a suicide bomb, will be considered a Martyr by us and we will be sure to compensate his/her family and celebrate the attack.

We maintain that in our struggle, attacks must also come from within our area and have acquired 20,000 Qassam rockets which we will aim at Polish cities from our schools and densely populated civilian areas in the hope of CNN interviews and reprisal attacks. Freedom fighters are a core part of our children’s education and as such, the murder of Polish civilians must be taught and infants must already be exposed to weapons and hate rallies if they are to grow to be true Polandstinians.

The Polandstinian people will not focus any or our political attention on dealing with Nazi war crimes or crimes committed by the Soviet Union. We maintain that the Polish regime has been the entire source of all our suffering and hold them singly accountable for World War 1, World War 2 and global Communism and Socialism and any war in Europe in the last 70 years.


To show that the Polandstinian people are serious about the Peace process, we have kidnapped an unarmed Polish soldier and will release him only when 1000 prisoners accused of rape and murder are released from captivity from Polish jails. We also want an immediate withdrawal from East Warsaw of all Christians and Muslims so we can live freely there whilst still receiving all of our compensation benefits, only this will show us that we have a partner for peace within the Polish government.

When we refer to the ‘disaster’, we are not simply referring to the expulsion and murder of 3 million innocent Polandstinians, we are also referring to 1967, when all Polandstinians were removed from the Polish United Workers Party and 14,000 of the remaining Polandstinians were forced to flee Poland and relinquish their passports.

Polish nationalism is racism pure and simple and as such we feel a very close connection to our African brothers who lived under apartheid rule for so long and got their freedom. Having lost 3 million people through a genocide, we truly resonate with the people of Darfur also. We too have the full right to self determination in our land and the land of our ancestors.

The fact that today Jews have the same rights and privileges in Poland as Christians and the fact that none of the leaders of Polandstine are from Poland is irrelevant. You must support our cause.

About the Author
David Z Bernstein was raised in Britain and educated at Clifton College before attending Birmingham University where he studied English and Drama. David made aliyah several years ago and studied at the Ohr Sameyach Yeshiva in Jerusalem and the Refuah institute in Jerusalem where he received a Diploma in social work. Currently David is a freelancer specializing in affiliate marketing