The CDC must contain Obama’s Deadly Ideology

The Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) mandate to control, contain, and eliminated health threats must be immediately enacted to contain Obama’s ideology:  Radical Islamic Terrorism Does Not Exist – before the global epidemic he incubated kills more people.

Throughout both his terms, Barack Hussein cultivated a comfortable climate for the geometrically growth of Islamic terrorism.

In Egypt, Obama personally acted to remove the secular Mubarak and aggressively usher in the Muslim Brotherhood.

For 30 years staunch US ally Jordan prohibited its Muslim clergy from meeting the Egyptian Brotherhood, but Obama overthrew the US’s second largest recipient of military aid to anoint the Muslim Brotherhood to run the largest Arab state.

Thankfully the Egyptian military, despite Obama sanctions, conducted a relatively peaceful coup rending Egypt a stable regime that fights Radical Islamic terrorism in the form of ISIS in the Sinai Dessert and remains very much pro-Israel. Regarding US interests in the region, last week Egypt signed 20 commercial agreements with China and are increasingly pro-Russian.

Carter made the same fatal mistake with Egypt’s Upper Nile neighbor when he shifted US support for secular Ethiopia in favor of Somalia.  Russia consequently took over Ethiopia and for 20 years the US was disengaged from Ethiopia – a country that today leads the fight against Radical Islamic terrorism in East Africa.

But Obama disregarded the East African lesson which was written with the blood of hundreds of Americans killed by “not radical Islamic terrorists” in attacks on the US Embassy’s in Tanzania and Kenya (Obama’s ancestral homeland) and in Somalia (non-history buffs will remember Hollywood’s Black Hawk Down).

The cynical pinnacle of Obama’s Radical Islamic Terrorism Does Not Exist doctrine was when he empowered Iran, the most radical Islamic state sponsor of terrorism, with a clear path to nuclear weapons, delivery systems, funds to pay for it and direct foreign investment to prevent viable deterrents to stopping their development and use.

Obama fails to understand there is not a single instance; not even a conceptual model, in the history of Islam or the modern Arab state of a democratic society albeit one with a Western-values laden culture.  So when you remove a King or a despotic leader (with or without oil reserves) the outcome will never be a human rights respecting regime made up of democracy- building, Harvard-educated, limousine liberals.

The lesson is: In many instances the status quo of a despotic leader is often a suffer-able alternative to removing him and empowering radical Islamic elements. The consequence of taking the cover off a pit of vipers is necessarily (read: naturally) chaos with the likelihood of a lot of people getting killed.

The most flagrant example of Obama promoting the removal of a despot with the immediate consequence being wholesale murders and empowered radical Islamic terrorism is Syria.  In the eight years since Obama received a Nobel Peace Prize he did not sign a single Peace Treaty.  However he did co-sign 500,000 Syrian tombstones (more than 150 per day during his two terms) and rendered “Hope” to nope for a million Syrian children: No house; no parents; no country.

Obama’s ideology that Radical Islamic Terrorism Does Not Exist is a fallacy clearly evidenced even by his own actions.

In eight years, Obama authorized airstrikes – the most lethal, legal use of US military force – in only seven countries:  Libya, Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen and Somalia. Including dropping 100s of bombs on Radical Islamic terrorist targets 48 hours before he left office.

Of the seven countries that warranted 10,000s of man-years of intelligence and operations for the US to attack in order to preserve its national interests, how many were: Russian? Chinese? European? American (North or South)?  African? Occidental? Oriental?  Christian? Hindu? Or Atheist?

The answer is the same number of peace treaties Obama signed since receiving the Noble Peace Prize – Zero.

In fact: every existing major war and conflict around the globe since Barack Hussein’s taking office is still going on.  All-the more, every conflict America was directly involved in is further from ending.

Even Putin, signed the Minsk Protocol in 2014 putting to bed the border issues with Ukraine.  A year later, Western social democracies, France and Germany (not the US) co-signed Minsk II to end Putin’s despotic actions. Not a good outcome, but at least it stopped the killing: No more war; no more bloodshed.  In terms old-school Russian communist ideology at least it: “Negated the Negative.”

Minsk Treaty mapThe only conflict Obama extracted the US from was after supporting the overthrow Gaddafi in Libya the US withdrew from that country thus enabling the third largest concentration of ISIS (read: Radical Islamic) terrorists in the world.

In Libya, Obama’s deft diplomacy finished, when Secretary of State Clinton co-signed the death certificates of US Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, Information Officer Sean Smith, and CIA operatives, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods.  A truth to which Obama publically admitted to be his greatest foreign policy failure – (See two-day-marathon White House interview with Atlantic Editor, Jeffrey Goldberg).

For the sake of humanity and millions of lives, the CDC should contain Obama’s cynical doctrine:  Radical Islamic Terrorism Does Not Exist and put it in isolation in the putrid pews of Reverend Jeremiah Wright Chicago church, were it was incubated.

About the Author
Dov Hoch has been published in Arabic and Hebrew in 50 Middle East media outlets. He is a founding board member of Yemin Orde Educational Initiatives; and SIGNAL - Sino-Israel think tank; he served for 10 years on the executive board of the America Israel Chamber of Commerce. He is President of the Penn Club of Israel and Co-Chairman of the Ivy League Alumni in Israel. Dov lives in Ra'anana with his three sons where he is both Noah and the Ark and their door-step to Zion. His first book is: The Perishability of Importance.